Christmas Lights at Seneca Creek State Park

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    Winter Lights in Gaithersburg, Maryland

    Winter Lights
    David & Eric Schulzinger

    The Winter Lights display in Gaithersburg is one of the holiday favorites in Montgomery County, Maryland. The drive-through light display at Seneca Creek State Park features 3 1/2 miles of Christmas-themed lights. Enjoy the following photos and get a glimpse of the annual event. Visitors will see many new surprises each year as the lights are designed to enchant the whole family. Look out for new animations as you drive through the park.

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    Sparkling Tunnel of Lights

    Sparkling Tunnel lights
    David & Eric Schulzinger

    Drive through the Sparkling Tunnel and you will be marveled by the display of holiday lights.

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    Reindeer Christmas lights
    David & Eric Schulzinger

    A reindeer welcomes visitors to the park to enjoy a festive holiday tour of lights.

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    Elephant, Bear & Bunny

    Elephant, Bear & Bunny lights
    David & Eric Schulzinger

    The elephant, bear and bunny area a happy group of figures along the driving tour of lights in Gaithersburg.

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    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays lights
    Rachel Cooper

    Enjoy the Happy Holidays sign at the light display at Seneca Creek State Park.

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    Peacock lights
    Rachel Cooper

    A beautiful peacock spreads its wings. Look out they may even change colors.

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    Fishing Along the Lake at Seneca Creek

    Fishing boat lights
    David and Eric Schulzinger

    Seneca Creek Lake is a unique destination for the holiday light display creating a perfect venue for water-related light decorations.

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    Barn Light Display

    Barn lights
    David & Eric Schulzinger

    Seneca Creek State Park is an ideal setting for the Christmas light display in Gaithersburg. Enjoy the 3 1/2 mile drive and turn on some holiday tunes on your car radio as you celebrate the season.

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    Train Station

    Train Station Lights
    David & Eric Schulzinger

    The train station in lights is a favorite holiday decoration. The light display in Gaithersburg is one of many in the region. Enjoy the holidays and check out the schedule of Washington DC Area christmas light displays.