Windsor's Adult Entertainment and Strip Clubs

All-Nude Strip Clubs

••• Across the Detroit River: Windsor. Photo © Laura Sternberg

Unlike Detroit and most of the United States, strip clubs in Windsor can be all-nude and serve alcohol. Termed the “Windsor Ballet,” strip clubs in Windsor encourage a classier experience than their Detroit counterparts. For instance, patrons are encouraged to wear suits and ties. While the dancer may be entirely nude, no contact between patrons and dancers is allowed. In other words, there are fewer extras than are available over the river in Detroit.

Note: You will need a passport or an enhanced Michigan Driver's License to cross over into Windsor.

Windsor's Adult-Entertainment District

In Windsor, the main adult-entertainment area was historically located at the intersection of Chatham Street and Ouellette Avenue, which contained executive clubs such as Cheetah’s Windsor, the Million Dollar Saloon (closed in 2011 and building converted into medical center) and Danny's for women (demolished 2013). 

Fewer Strip Clubs

The Windsor strip-club industry has declined from a high of 12 clubs in 1985 to just five in 2015. The decline is in part due to the economy and increased difficulties in border crossing. A change to Canada's immigration laws in 2012 also had an effect. A Canadian law passed in 2012 prohibited temporary work visas to foreign exotic dancers. The law was aimed at reducing the risk to foreign women of sexual exploitation, abuse and human trafficking inherent in the adult entertainment industry, including strip clubs, massage parlors and escort services.

The law not only curtailed the issue of new visas, but prevented the renewal of temporary work permits already obtained by women stripping in Windsor and Canada.

Strip Clubs That Have Closed

So which businesses were affected?

In addition to the Million Dollar Saloon and Danny's, the President's Club that was located on Sandwich Street, The Tap (gay men's strip club) on Wyandotte Street, and the Vanilla Bar (a boutique bar) at Royal Windsor Station are all gone.

The changes listed above have also affected the availability of massage parlors and cigar bars.  

List of Windsor Strip Clubs

  • Cheetah’s of Windsor (Upscale and busy)
    86 Chatham Street East, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • Club T-Zers
    1636 Drouillard Road, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • Leopard’s Lounge
    1190 Wyandotte Street, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • Silver’s Lounge
    3983 Seminole, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • Studio 4
    1415 Huron Church Road, Windsor, Ontario, Canada