Profile of Windcrest, Texas

A stone's throw from San Antonio, this city has attractions all its own

Christmas Lights in the Front Garden of a House
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Nicknamed the "City of Lights" because of its dazzling Christmas displays each year, Windcrest is an incorporated city that is a mere 11 miles northeast of San Antonio and practically every bit as exciting. Once considered one of the best places to live in Texas, Windcrest saw the surrounding neighborhood fall into decay in the 1990s. But revitalization efforts are helping to bring this area into the mainstream, while Windcrest, thanks to local attractions such as its annual holiday Light-Up and general good neighbor policies, continues to retain its luster.

Windcrest Facts and Figures

If a picture is worth a thousand pictures, the best way to find out about a city may be through its statistics. Note the following:

  • Total Area: 2.2 square miles
  • Population: 5,717
  • Median Age: 55
  • Houses: 2,297
  • Median Housing Cost: $182,731
  • Median Income: $76,983
  • Zip Code: 78239
  • Area Codes: 210, 726

Windcrest Housing

The median housing cost in Windcrest has skyrocketed over a 15-year period from $120,400 to $182,731.The median income also increased more than $15,000 during that time. Rental possibilities include homes, condos, and townhouses, with the median rent hovering around $1,224.

Windcrest Schools

Windcrest is a part of the North East Independent School District. It is served by Windcrest Elementary in the city, and Ed White Middle School and Theodore Roosevelt High, both in San Antonio. Roosevelt is also home to the Design and Technology Academy (DATA) magnet school that specializes in engineering, communications, and environmental design. There is one charter school, the Lighthouse Charter School.

Windcrest History

Windcrest started as an area on the outskirts of San Antonio, a developing city that was first known primarily as a ranching community. Only a handful of people lived in Windcrest, but residents, who loved the fact that they were close enough to San Antonio to benefit from its growing status, yet far enough away to enjoy a quiet, close-knit community life, considered it the best of both worlds. On September 15, 1959, Windcrest was granted city status. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the area around Walzem Road. began to fall apart, prompting the city to form the Windcrest Economic Development Corporation, which was dedicated to revitalizing the neighborhood and improving nearby businesses. Today, gentrification efforts in the outlying area are still underway, while Windcrest maintains its ever-growing status as a prized place to live.

Windcrest Restaurants

There are approximately 20 restaurants in Windcrest, the majority of which are big chains like Taco Cabana or Red Lobster. There are a few ethnic places for Thai, Chinese or Mexican food, but if you're looking for a more memorable dining experience, you may want to try nearby Castle Hills.

What to See and Do in Windcrest

There are dozens of businesses in Windcrest, and you can find most of them listed on the excellent official city website. Of course, the biggest attraction of the year is the city's holiday Light-Up in mid-December, which has been a local tradition for over 50 years and lasts through New Year's Eve. Entire blocks of houses participate in the competitive event, decorating their homes in all kinds of seasonal razzle-dazzle and drawing crowds from far and near to see who can come up with, literally, the best—and the brightest.

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