Wimberley, Texas

A Quaint Hill Country Village With Something for Everyone

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A visit to the quaint Texas Hill Country village of Wimberley provides a relaxing getaway any time of the year.


Wimberley is located about an hour outside of Austin and is within close proximity to a variety of attractions in San Marcos and New Braunfels. Some of the more popular are Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Wonder World.

The Village of Wimberley

As attractive as Wimberley’s centralized location to other attractions is, the village itself is the main reason tourists flock here. Wimberley is one of the most scenic communities in all of Texas, which makes for plenty of sightseeing opportunities for visitors. Additionally, despite its “village” status, Wimberley offers a variety of shops which would be hard to match anywhere.

Shopping at Wimberley Square

Shops are scattered throughout the town, but without a doubt, the Wimberley Square is the hub of the village’s shopping scene. Shops like Rancho Deluxe, which offers a variety of rustic and eclectic furnishings, and Broken Arrow Rock Shop, which is located in a cluster of shops just off the square, are just a couple of the unique stores visitors can expect to find in and around the square, which houses a couple dozens of businesses. The area also houses studios for many of Wimberley’s many artists. In addition, many of Wimberley’s dining options are located on or around the square.


One of the biggest problems for visitors heading to Wimberley is choosing where to stay. There are so many interesting and unique cottages, bed and breakfasts, cabins and hotels that picking just one can be difficult. Country Sun Bed and Breakfast offers six different cabins and is located just a few minutes off the square. Country Door Inn is a wonderful location for weddings, family reunions, and other special events, and offers spa services in addition to their five B&B suites. People interested in more secluded settings may want to check out a cabin like those offered by Birdsong Cabins. And, those looking for an “all in one” place to stay may want to check out Wimberley Valley Ranch, which offers a variety of activities, including horseback riding, fishing, and swimming.

Regardless of where you stay or what you choose to do, a trip to Wimberley is sure to make an impression. It is certainly clear while the townsfolk claim it’s “A Wonderful Place to Live.”

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