A New "Influencers-Only" Airline Takes Off

Willa Air flew a dozen influencers to Coachella this past weekend

Exterior of Willa Air plane

Courtesy of Willa

There's a new airline in town, but not just anyone can buy a ticket. Willa Air, born from the payment platform Willa which caters to influencers and freelancers, is the world's first "influencer-only" airline. This past weekend, it opened its inaugural flight to those headed to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California.

This free flight took 12 influencers, including Bryce Hirschberg, known for his role on Netflix's hit dating show "Too Hot To Handle," and Dallas Hart from Netflix's "Greenhouse Academy," from Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles to Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport near Palm Springs and back.

"Our first-ever Willa Air flight was a major success—and by success, we mean tons of fun (and champagne)," the company wrote on Instagram.

Passengers weren't just treated to a free flight and complimentary champagne. Included in their trip was a pre-flight lounge experience with a champagne breakfast and a black car luxury transfer to the airport before the festival. Then, after landing back in Los Angeles, passengers relaxed in a post-trip lounge, complete with IV drips, a detox juice bar, massages, and more.

Willa was very transparent about how they chose their winners for this trip. On their website, they said that applicants were chosen "based on several factors" and that "priority consideration" was given to creators who were already using the app to send "approved invoices."

If you're a creator kicking yourself for missing out on this luxury flight, you can rest assured. In September, Willa Air is already set to jet another batch of influencers to New York Fashion Week. So, if you have any amount of followers (and use the Willa app already), you still have a shot at nabbing a ticket to this one-of-a-kind luxury experience.

Keep an eye on the Willa Air website for updates and when the next ticket application goes live.