Will My ATM Cards, Cell Phones and Travel Appliances Work in Canada?

Black Woman Receiving Cash From ATM
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That depends. If you are traveling from the US to Canada, your hair dryer, travel iron and cell phone charger will work. Canadian electricity is 110 volts / 60 Hertz, as it is in the United States. If you are visiting Canada from another continent, you will probably need to purchase voltage converters and plug adapters, unless you own dual voltage travel appliances.

Here's a Tip: Camera and cell phone chargers are usually dual-voltage, so you will only need to acquire a plug adapter. Most large hair dryers are not dual voltage unless they were designed to be compact travel appliances. Check carefully, as your hair dryer may catch on fire if you use it incorrectly.

American cell phones usually work in Canada, depending on your cell phone provider. Before you travel, contact your cell phone service provider to make sure your telephone is configured to make and accept international calls. Otherwise, your cell phone may not work once you cross the border. Unless you have a good international calling, text and data plan in place, expect to pay hefty international roaming charges.

Canada’s ATM machines “talk” with many of the major ATM networks, including Cirrus and Plus. If your bank or credit union participates in one of these networks, you should not have any trouble using Canadian ATMs. Consult with your bank or credit union before you travel, just to be sure. If you’re traveling in New Brunswick or Québec, the ATM’s instructions will probably be in French only, unless you’re in western New Brunswick. Look for the word “English” or “Anglais” after you insert your ATM card to select English-language instructions.