7 Reasons to Have a Honeymoon

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After spending your life savings on bachelor and bachelorette parties, a wedding venue, a dress, and everything else, you might be wondering whether going on a honeymoon is worth the additional expense. What is a honeymoon even for, anyway?

History shows that people have been going on honeymoons since the 5th century. Couples would celebrate their first "moon" of marriage by drinking mead, hence the "honey." Nowadays, folks escape to tropical destinations or go for romps around Europe and they have plenty of reasons for doing so.

To Relax

No matter how small and minimal your wedding may be, it's bound to be at least a little bit stressful. If you're like most couples, you'll spend the bulk of your wedding night feeling like you're entertaining guests rather than celebrating each other, so it's essential to finish it all off with something relaxing for just the two of you.

To Celebrate

Weddings are fun and all, but they can be a lot of work for the bride and groom. Honeymoons are an opportunity to celebrate not just your love, but the fact that the big day is, at last, over with.

To Adjust

It's going to take some time to get used to a name change or a new title or to get accustomed to living together, if you haven't before. Take a week or so to ease into the marriage without having to focus on anything else.

To Be Intimate

Perhaps everyone's no. 1 reason for going on an elaborate vacation after a wedding is to be intimate. Sure, you can achieve this just as easily at home, but there's something about being far away in a beautiful setting that fosters intimacy. And in case you need a little boost, mead—the "honey" in honeymoon—is an aphrodisiac.

To Explore

Make your first experience as a married couple a memorable one. Go out and explore a place together. You'll now see the world through each other's eyes. The challenges of traveling will force you to problem solve together, bringing you closer as a result.

To Taste

Some people diet before their wedding day; others lose their appetites because of stress. In any case, honeymoons are a perfect excuse to eat anything you fancy and as much of it as you'd like. If you're traveling abroad, delve into the different flavors and take a few culinary tips home.

To Plan for the Future

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, vacation gives couples a bit of quiet time to plan for the future. Most couples-to-be-wed spend a year or more planning for a single day, hardly even thinking about anything past that day. Not having goals after your nuptials, however, can lead to major post-wedding depression. Replace the goal of the wedding, itself, with another goal about you and your partner's future and you both will go home with something new to work towards.

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