Who Pays for the Honeymoon?

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In this day and age, there is no set rule on who pays the bill for the honeymoon.

If the bride is deeply involved in the myriad details of wedding planning, the groom often takes responsibility himself to plan—but not necessarily totally pay for—the honeymoon (with the bride's input, unless it's a surprise honeymoon).

Often a newlywed couple will fund the honeymoon themselves, especially when parents pick up the tab for the wedding.

Since it's important to take a honeymoon, a couple who can't afford an expensive one has several affordable options. In addition, they can delay their getaway, take a shorter one than planned, drive instead of fly, or visit a place in the off-season to save money on hotel rates. And if they're really strapped for cash and willing to sacrifice some comforts, they can plan a truly cheap honeymoon.

Where to Get Honeymoon Funds

One way to defray the expense of a honeymoon is by having the couple register for travel gifts at a Honeymoon Bridal Registry.

Other ways couples can pay for a honeymoon:

Cash from Wedding

Envelopes of cash can help to cover your honeymoon expenses. But unless you're having a huge wedding, you will have to augment them. 


If the wedding is many months away, start a dedicated savings account for your honeymoon.

Credit Cards

Start using a credit card that offers points on every purchase. Many travel or airline credit cards offer generous sign-up bonuses if you spend a minimum amount in the first few months. With all of the wedding expenses you'll have to pay for, it shouldn't be difficult to reach. Then you can use the points to help pay for flights or hotels.

Bank Loan

Not the best idea. Even if interest rates are low, it's not a good idea to saddle yourselves with debt at the start of a marriage.


Think you can get strangers to help with your honeymoon expenses through social media?

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