Oklahoma City Whitewater Rafting and Kayak Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Whitewater Rafting
Photo: Thorsten Jochim / Getty Images

Approved as part of the MAPS 3 plan in December 2009, the Oklahoma City Whitewater Rafting and Kayak Center will be a destination for both beginners and Olympic athletes.  It's also yet another outstanding addition to the growing downtown Oklahoma River area and one of the only of its kind in the country.

Below you'll find information on the whitewater rapids facility, some basic facts and frequently asked questions.

Project Overview

Designers: S2O Designs
Location: On the east side of Oklahoma City's Boathouse District on the Oklahoma River, just west of I-35 on the north side of the river. 
Size: 11 acres
Estimated Cost: $45.2 million
Opening Date: May 7, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the facility be like?: If you've driven by the construction, you can already see how massive it is, and the city has released a virtual tour video.  Basically, though, there will be two long whitewater channels that empty into a large bottom pool.  Two buildings on the west end function as equipment storage, restaurant/bar, and pro shop.  A bridge and seating areas allow places for spectators.

Will Olympic athletes train here?: Yes.  The Boathouse District is already the headquarters for the USA Canoe and Kayak Federation and is a U.S. Olympic training center.  This facility will only give those athletes another resource.  And a unique one at that.  According to city officials, there are only a couple of similar centers in the United States, the Adventure Sports Center International in Maryland and US National Whitewater in North Carolina.

But what about us beginners and non-experts?: Oh, don't worry.  This isn't just for the elite athletes.  It has been designed as both a training facility and an adventure attraction.  There are two channels, one recreational and one for competition.  With a much lower flow, one channel is suitable for all talent levels, making it perfect for families and kids as young as 8.

What kind of activities are available?: There are several options, including kayaking, canoeing and rafting.  Or, visitors can just get a paddle board and take it easy in the large surf pool.  

How much will it cost?: The Whitewater facility is a part of the existing RIVERSPORT Adventure attractions, so you can buy an All-Access day pass for $49 and enjoy the rapids as well as zip line, ropes course, kids activities and more.  An All-Access season pass is only $179, and there is cheaper family pricing available.  Contact RIVERSPORT Adventures at (405) 552-4040.