Where to Stay on a Romantic Weekend Getaway

Choose the Type of Lodging that Suits You Best

W Hotels.

Romantic weekend getaways are best enjoyed in accommodations that meet your needs and budget. If you're undecided as to whether a hotel, resort, motel, inn, cottage, cabin, campsite, or bed & breakfast is the most romantic place you can choose to getaway for a weekend, discover the pros and cons of each here.


  • Hotel Close-Up: Encore Las Vegas
  • Hotel Close-Up: Waldorf Astoria Chicago
  • Hotel Close-Up: Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, New Jersey
  • The Pros:
    Staying at a hotel means you can expect full service and privacy. If you want to stay in bed all weekend, sipping Champagne and nibbling on chocolate-covered strawberries, room service should be able to accommodate. The concierge can arrange restaurant reservations, transportation, and tickets for you during the weekend. For privacy, just put out the "do not disturb" sign, and a weekend of romance is yours.
  • The Cons:
    Good hotels can be pricey, but many that host business guests during the week offer romantic weekend getaway packages for couples. Most hotels are in urban locations and lack expansive grounds. If you stay in a city hotel in a business district, some surrounding local establishments may be closed on Sundays.


  • Resort Close-Up: Hawks Cay Island Resort, Duck Key, Florida
  • Resort Close-Up: Sandals Ochi Beach Resort, Jamaica
  • Resort Close-Up: Four Seasons, Bora Bora
  • The Pros:
    Spending a weekend at a resort means that you can choose from a variety of activities to participate in. Beach resorts often rent sailboats, canoes, kayaks, and other watersports equipment. Ski resorts put you close to a mountain. Larger resorts, depending on the location, may offer instruction in sports such as scuba diving, golf, tennis, and skiing. Resorts also tend to have well-tended grounds and more than one restaurant (plus room service) so you can savor meals in a variety of settings.
  • The Cons:
    A resort can be costly, and little things — like raiding the minibar — can add to the expense. Also, many large resorts cater to families, so there's a chance the squeals of children or the noise of them tearing down the hallway may intrude on a romantic weekend. In the event this occurs, don't put up with it. Ask management for another room, and enjoy the rest of your weekend. NB: Whatever you do, don't accept an offer to attend a timeshare presentation in exchange for a trip; it'll cut into your vacation time at best and remove you from your cash at worst.


The Pros:
You'll know in advance what this romantic getaway will cost. You can select an all-inclusive that caters strictly to adult couples. And you'll be able to eat and drink to your heart's content, as meals and snacks are included in the price. 

The Cons:
The majority of all-inclusives are located in warm places such as the Caribbean and Mexico. So if you don't live near those destinations, you may spend an inordinate amount of weekend time traveling. It's best to plan a trip to one of these for when you have more time to spend. Additionally, many all-inclusives have mediocre food. And you can spend more than you budget by opting for add-ons such as tours and spa services.


  • Lodge Close-Up: Stowe Mountain Lodge, Vermont
  • Lodge Close-Up: The Point, New York
  • Lodge Close-Up: Ulusaba Safari Lodge, South Africa
  • The Pros:
    Smaller than resorts but larger than inns, lodges are usually located in beautiful natural surroundings and offer a variety of outdoor activities.
  • The Cons:
    Lodges cater to families as well as couples. Food tends to be banquet, not gourmet, quality.


  • Inns Close-Up: Relais & Chateaux
  • The Pros:
    Finer inns are known for their historic charm and well-prepared meals. Many feature antique or reproduction furniture.
  • The Cons:
    Since inns are smaller than hotels and resorts, facilities may be limited. Meals may not be available at all hours during your romantic weekend.


  • Motel Close-Up: Roxbury Motel, Roxbury, New York
  • The Pros:
    Motels offer weekend romantics free parking and easy-in/easy-out access. They're typically less expensive than a hotel or a resort.
  • The Cons:
    Many motels are bare-bones affairs. Don't expect luxury linens, room service, sports facilities, spas, or beautiful decor. Motels with thin walls and those located close to highways can be noisy.


  • The Pros:
    Cozy and private, a cottage can be the perfect size for a couple on a romantic weekend getaway.
  • The Cons:
    Cottage quality, cost, and decor vary widely from place to place. You'll be responsible for bringing in and cooking your own food or going out to eat. And you never know who your neighbors will be.


  • The Pros:
    At locations lacking a hotel or resort, you're still likely to find a one of these types of lodging to stay in. At professionally run B&Bs, as the name implies, breakfast is included in the cost.
  • The Cons:
    The owners are on-site at a B&B, and they're watching you. So are the other guests. If you don't like chatting at breakfast or eating with strangers, this romantic experience isn't for you. As for AirBnB, in major cities these units are extremely unpopular and sometimes illegal.


  • The Pros:
    Camping out
    allows couples to experience romance under the stars and get close to nature. It's also the most inexpensive romantic weekend getaway you can have—unless you spend a wad on camping equipment.
  • The Cons:
    Bugs. Snakes. Rain. Dirt. Strange noises. Wild animals. Other people. Less-than-perfect bathrooms. And did we mention having to cook over an open fire?
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