Where to Stay in Rome

Best Rated Hotels in Rome, Italy

Here's our selection of best rated hotels in Rome. Click on a link to see the best hotels that fit with where you want to stay in Rome.

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    Trevi Fountain, Rome Historic Center
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    In Rome's historic center you'll find ancient monuments, medieval and Renaissance architecture, museums, lively squares, and restaurants. All of these hotels are centrally located near restaurants and sights. If you want to be in the center, check out these top rated hotels.

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    Termini Station is Rome's main train station and has connecting trains to Fiumicino airport. If you're arriving by train, you may want to consider staying near the station for convenience. You can still walk to many of Rome's sights or use public transportation to get around. These are the top rated hotels near Termini Station.

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    Rome's Trastevere neighborhood is a charming area across the Tiber River from the main tourist attractions. Trastevere makes a good place to stay for those who don't want to be in the midst of the tourist crowds. These are top-rated hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfast inns, and apartments in Trastevere.

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    If you want to spend time in Vatican City visiting Saint Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums, you might want to stay near Vatican City. These top-rated hotels and bed and breakfast inns are near Saint Peter's Square and the Vatican.

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    For those traveling on a budget, these Rome top-rated hotels are a good option. These budget hotels are still centrally located, either near historic sites or the train station.

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    For those who like luxury on a vacation, Rome has beautiful grand hotels in the 5-star luxury category. Most grand hotels are near the fashionable Via Veneto or Borghese Gardens and come with views and luxurious decor. These are the top rated 5-star luxury hotels in Rome.

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    My Rome Hotel and Lodging Recommendations

    These are good hotels I've stayed in myself or that were recommended by friends who stayed in them. I recommend these Rome hotels based on my personal experience.

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    If your cruise ship or ferry leaves from or arrives in Civitavecchia, Rome's Port, it may be less expensive and more convenient to stay in Civitavecchia rather than going back and forth to Rome with your luggage. These are suggested hotels for staying in Civitavecchia.

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    Fiumicino Airport, sometimes known as Aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci di Fiumicino, is Italy's largest airport. If you are arriving on a late night flight or departing on an early morning flight, you might want to stay near the airport. Here are top rated hotels near​ Fiumicino airport.

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    If you'd prefer to stay outside the city and experience a bit of country life, an agriturismo, or farm holiday house, might be a good option. These farmhouses are in Lazio, the region that surrounds Rome.