Where to See the Kiwi Bird in New Zealand

Kiwi Houses and Sanctuaries to View New Zealand's National Bird

Skiing Kiwi in front of Mt Ngaruhoe
••• Skiing Kiwi in front of Mt Ngaruhoe. Photo by Stas Kulesh/Getty Images

The national bird of New Zealand, the kiwi is a small, flightless and rather unusual bird. Due to the destruction of its natural habitat by deforestation and the devastation of the population by predators, this nocturnal bird is not often seen in the wild. However, there are a number of places where kiwis can still be seen.

The best places are special 'houses' that simulate the dark, damp conditions of the forest at night where they naturally forage. It's well worth stopping at one of these for a glimpse of this fascinating bird.

It's also possible to find kiwis in their natural habitat in the wild, although this is rather more difficult and obviously not guaranteed.

Here is a list of kiwi houses and sanctuaries where the kiwi can be seen. Most also have active breeding and hatching programs and offer information and tours about this fascinating creature. Click on the highlighted title for more information on each.