Where to See Bullfighting in Valencia

Bull fighting in Spain
Yadid Levi/Getty Images

There is little tradition of bullfighting in Valencia, but with the bullring in such a prominent, central position, seeing a bullfight seems like an obvious thing for tourists who want to experience some regional Spanish heritage whilst in Valencia. While not hugely popular in Valencia itself, bullfighting is a large part of the cultural identity in Spain and is often seen less as a sport and more as a ceremony.

The Plaza De Toros Is Where It All Goes Down

The main bullring in Valencia, called Plaza de Toros, is located smack-dab in the heart of the city. It's right next to the North Station, which is the primary railway station for all of Valencia. Both monuments have a clear Moorish Revival style, with stunning architectural details. The bullring is also home to the Bulls Museum of Valencia, which houses a permanent collection of bullfighting culture and artworks that explore the fabled relationship between the bull and the toreador. The museum is even home the only life-sized stuffed bull in all of Spain.

Attending Local Festivals Is Your Best Bet

In general, some of the best times to visit Valencia is during the July festival (Feria de Julio) and the Fallas Festival in March. During these both events, there will be bullfighting spectacles open to the public at Plaza de Toros, and you'll also be able to take advantage of the food and nightlife scenes associated with the festivals.

How to Book Tickets

You can book online. Alternatively, go to the bullring itself. Most bullfights take place at 5 PM, but occasionally they will start at 11:30 AM (a bit on the early side, if you ask us). Prices vary enormously, depending on where your seat is located (typically, seats in the shade are more expensive).