Where to Pick Pumpkins Near Atlanta

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    Pumpkin Patches in Georgia

    A pumpkin patch. Photo: Kam Abbott (via CreativeCommons)

    Fall brings with it a plethora of traditions, one of our favorites being the search for the perfect pumpkin. Fortunately, Georgia is home to more than just an abundance of peaches; there are also dozens of pumpkin patches and local farms, perfect for a family outing this season. To wit, we've created a guide to the top pumpkin patches in and around Atlanta. Click through the slideshow for our list:

    Story by Savanna Sturkie. 

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    FloatAway Community's "Plenty O' Pumpkins"

    A pumpkin patch. Photo: Kam Abbott (via CreativeCommons)

    Sponsored by the FloatAway Community, "Plenty O' Pumpkins" is a family-friendly spectacle featuring face-painting, bobbing for apples, corn hole and barbeque sandwiches for sale from Pig & Chik. While donations to raise funds for Nickelbottom Garden and Zonolite Park are appreciated, this is a free event for all. Each family will even receive a free small pumpkin.

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    Yule Forest Hwy 155

    Yule Forest Pumpkin Patch is a family-owned environment. Photo: Susie Grant

    Working in Henry County to provide Christmas trees (and now pumpkins!) across four generations, the Grant Family began their farm in 1983. Yule Forest has wildlife trails, a hayride, a chicken coop, a petting zoo and a science center with live reptiles and a bee house. Yule Forest grows their pumpkins right there on the farm, ranging from baseball-sized minis to over half a foot in diameter. Because they grow their pumpkins on site, you have the option to pick a pumpkin that has already been harvested or to pick one right from the vine! Priced by size, the typical range for a Yule Forest pumpkin is about $1 to $30, with typical Jack-O-Lantern-sized pumpkins would put you anywhere from $5 to $12. 

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    Sleepy Hollow Farm

    Sleepy Hollow Farm's pumpkin patch. Photo: Suzie Kimmel, Split Second Photography

    Since 1980, Atlantans have been flocking to Sleepy Hollow, a family-friendly pumpkin patch and Christmas tree farm, complete with classic Fall activities (think hayrides, a corn maze, farm animals and a country store selling jams, honey and cider). The farm recently doubled in size—it’s now 60 acres—and also has its own sunflower field, perfect for family photo ops (just in time for holiday card photos!). They grow a majority of their pumpkins on site, some weighing up to 65 pounds, and they range in price from $2 - $40. At Sleepy Hollow, you can find typical carving pumpkins, as well as novelties and pumpkins that are specifically grown for the perfect pie.

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    Still Family Farm

    Still Family Farm's pumpkin patch. Photo: Still Family Farm

    Still Family Farm boasts a long history—in fact, it’s still owned and operated by the original landowners’ family from 1837. Located on an 11-acre farm in Cobb County, Still Family is hosting “Corn on the Cobb” for their annual Fall celebration, where visitors can enjoy a corn maze, hayrides and a pumpkin patch, alongside unique events like rubber duck races, hay bale climbing and a popcorn maze. Their pumpkins specifically for carving are shipped in primarily from Michigan and Illinois - where 90 percent of America's pumpkins are grown - and range in price from $8 to $28. Still Family also has warty gourds, cinderellas (those little white pumpkins), and pink and green pumpkins of all sizes. 

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    Stone Mountain Park's 12th Annual Pumpkin Festival

    Children explore the inside of a pumpkin at Stone Mountain Park's Annual Pumpkin Festival. Photo: Stone Mountain Park

    Head up to Stone Mountain for their annual Pumpkin Festival. “Spookley the Square Pumpkin” and his maze will be there to greet you before you boogie over to the dance party parade, or a Trick-or-Treat scavenger hunt and a pie-eating contest. All of Stone Mountain’s attractions are open during the Festival, including SkyHike, the Summit Skyride, The Great Barn and the Mountainvision Lasershow, so be sure to check those out before you choose the perfect pumpkin. 

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    Scottsdale Farms

    A few of the Scottsdale Farms mini pumpkin selection. Photo: Scottsdale Farms

    Scottsdale Farms is settled on an impressive 65 acres in Alpharetta, and is home to not only an annual pumpkin patch but also a fully-functional nursery, Christmas tree farm and garden center. Scottsdale offers a mix of events to cover interests for all ages: a Halloween and Fall-themed barn, a café with harvest treats and even cooking and seasonal décor classes. As a part of their Fall Harvest event, the farm includes a pumpkin patch, hayrides and a petting zoo. With literally thousands of pumpkins to choose from, all shipped from North Carolina, the farm typically charges about $0.95 per pound, with their smallest minis pricing around $1-2. 

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    Uncle Bob's Pumpkin Patch

    Visitors to Uncle Bob's Pumpkin Patch enjoy a tractor-driven hayride. Photo: Janet Witt, Uncle Bob's Pumpkin Patch

    Find more than just a pumpkin at Uncle Bob's Pumpkin Patch. Here you'll find: everything from bees at the bee house, animals in their petting zoo and the chicken house. Uncle Bob's has a massive selection of pumpkins -- several hundred, that is -- but you’ll also find a nature trail, hayrides, two crop mazes and wool spinning activities at the patch. Prices for pumpkins vary due to the wide selection -- mini pumpkins start at around 50 cents, and the "monsters" can range up to $125. 

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    Kinsey Family Farm

    A display of the large selection of pumpkins Kinsey Family Farm offers. Photo: Kinsey Family Farm

    Whether you’re searching for big pumpkins, small pumpkins, red, white and green pumpkins, gourds or pie pumpkins, the Kinsey Family Farm has it all at their farm and nursery, which also specializes in landscape trees and Christmas trees. Make a day of it by partaking in their classic barn animal and catfish feeding, hayrides and a picnic area to snack on products from their Harvest Shop.

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    The Rock Ranch

    A participant of National Pumpkin Destruction Day throws a pumpkin at a target at The Rock Ranch. Photo: King Davis, The Rock Ranch

    Offering a variety of themed “Fall Family Fun Days” throughout the season, The Rock Ranch provides a festive atmosphere to choose your pumpkin, whether you attend their seasonal Hot Air Balloon Rally or the Halloween Festival. Alongside the TK pumpkins, you’ll find a locomotive train, ziplines, rock climbing, petting zoo, pony rides and a “giant jumping pillow.” Join The Rock Ranch on November 7 for National Pumpkin Destruction Day – where you have the chance to drop your pumpkin from a fifty-foot forklift.