Where to Jog in San Diego

For Views or Challenging Runs During Your Jog in San Diego, Head to These Spots

Jogging in San Diego
Rob Hammer/Getty Images

San Diego is a runner’s dream thanks to temperate, sunny weather nearly every day. It's easy to head out for an enjoyable jog, even if it’s just around the neighborhood. However, if you’re looking for the best views to take in during your run, or a course that’s a bit more challenging, here are the best places to jog in San Diego.

Balboa Park

Beautiful Balboa Park has a long collection of trails taking you through San Diego’s massive downtown park. During your run, you’ll jog underneath towering trees and pass by some of San Diego’s most historic buildings, such as the botanical building and California Tower.

Silver Strand

The Silver Strand is the narrow stretch of land connecting Coronado to Imperial Beach. The Silver Strand features two and a half miles of coastline that is great to run along. The Silver Strand Bikeway is a paved path that can be used by joggers as well.

Mission Beach Boardwalk

The Mission Beach Boardwalk sees rollerbladers, bikers, beachgoers, and yes…plenty of runners…go down its long paved strip of beachside bliss each day. The Mission Beach Boardwalk goes miles along the sand and isn’t too hilly, making for a leisurely morning or evening run while the sun gently highlights the crashing waves.

Fiesta Island

Fiesta Island is a strip of sandy dunes located in Mission Bay that is great for those who run with their dog since Fiesta Island is also home to a popular off-leash dog beach. Head there after your run for a leisurely cool-down while you play with your pooch.

Carlsbad Beach Run

The long, flat stretch of sand that makes up the beaches of Carlsbad stretches for miles, and when the tide is out you can even run all the way up to the Oceanside Pier. 

Hilly San Diego Neighborhoods

Looking for hills to challenge yourself a bit more on your run? Head to the Bird Rock neighborhood in La Jolla where you’ll find hilly neighborhoods to jog in jutting off the main road of La Jolla Boulevard. But when you need a break, La Jolla Boulevard will give you a respite with its fairly flat terrain. The Soledad Mountain area of La Jolla also has hilly neighborhoods with ocean views peeking out behind turns. 

In North County, a hilly neighborhood is San Elijo Hills where you can jog up and down the steep main drag of San Elijo Boulevard to really build up those calf muscles. Or head to the paved trail leading up to Double Peak, where you’ll be treated with stunning views from the highest point in San Diego County. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Mexico and Catalina Island.

When jogging in San Diego, remember to wear sunscreen and you may also want to invest in a jogging hat and sunglasses. The California sunshine can get blindingly bright!