The Best Trick-or-Treating in Vancouver

Dress Up in Your Halloween Best, Grab That Treat Bag

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The time-honored tradition of trick-or-treating on Halloween (Oct. 31) is alive and well in Vancouver, with lots of options for taking the kids out to trick-or-treat door-to-door. Use this guide to trick-or-treating in Vancouver to find the best spots for Halloween fun. They include including Trinity Street, Yaletown, and residential Vancouver neighborhoods.

Before you head out dressed in costume with your treat bag at the ready on Halloween night, get hip to trick-or-treating etiquette in Vancouver. Typically, trick-or-treating in Vancouver neighborhoods starts ​about 6:30 or 7 p.m., not long after the sun goes down, and usually goes on until about 10 p.m., when the last stragglers, usually older kids, might show up at your door. You can tell if a house is participating by checking out whether or not the porch light is on; if there's no light on, don't knock. It's a universal signal on Halloween night.

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Halloween on Trinity Street

One of the best spots for trick-or-treating in Vancouver is from 2400 to 2900 Trinity Street, the same street famous for its Christmas light displays in December. The private residences of Trinity Street get tricked out for Halloween with elaborate outdoor displays, and the good-humored residents have reported as many as 800 trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. One caveat: Since Trinity Street is known as a prime trick-or-treating location, finding nearby parking can be very difficult.

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Halloween in Yaletown

Who says you have to be in a residential neighborhood to go trick-or-treating in Vancouver? One of the most popular trick-or-treating destinations is the annual Halloween in Yaletown event, organized by the Yaletown BIA. Kids can trick-or-treat at businesses from Homer Street to Pacific Boulevard, then enjoy the Halloween Carnival at Yaletown's Roundhouse Community Centre. (You can also pick up a map of all the trick-or-treat shops at Roundhouse.) This one gets an early start; it's usually on from 3:30 to-5:30 p.m., so it's nice for young kids who can't stay up too late.

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Halloween at West Side Vancouver Neighborhoods

With the exception of areas that are dominated by apartment complexes, like north Kitsilano, Fairview, South Main/Mount Pleasant, Vancouver's west side neighborhoods are terrific destinations for trick-or-treating.

  • Point Grey: It's great from Sasamet to Fourth Avenue, but it is hilly terrain.
  • Dunbar:  This is a large residential area from 16th Avenue to SW Marine Drive, meaning great treat potential.
  • Kerrisdale: This is also a large residential area from King Edward Avenue to 49th Street.
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Halloween at East Side Vancouver Neighborhoods

There's great trick-or-treating in East Van, where it's so busy residents report running out of candy. So don't go too late in the evening.

  • Riley Park: There are lots of residential areas between Main and Cambie, from 16th Avenue to Queen Elizabeth Park.
  • Grandview and Hastings-Sunrise: This area is good east of Commercial Drive to Renfrew, between Hastings and Broadway.
  • Renfrew-Collingwood: Highly decorated townhouses in this neighborhood make for a festive Halloween night, and they make trick-or-treating easier for toddlers since there is less walking.
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