Spain in April

Cities across Spain have plenty to entertain visitors in April

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April is an ideal time of year to visit Spain. The weather is warm and sunny but not too hot to enjoy the many outdoor activities that cities across Spain have to offer.

Easter week, or Semana Santa, is a huge celebration in cities across Spain, most notably in Seville and Malaga, which each have daily processions with pomp and circumstance. Barcelona celebrates its Sant Jordi Festival, which is similar to Valentine's Day, on April 23. And Easter is the traditional start of bullfighting season in Madrid. 

Here's a look at some of the most popular events and sights for visitors to Spain during the month of April.

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    Semana Santa is the biggest draw in Seville in April. Seville's version of Easter is the festival at its most opulent, with magnificent floats throughout the city. 

    Aside from Semana Santa, you'll want to visit Barrio Santa Cruz, one of Seville's most beautiful and historic neighborhoods. Plan to climb Giralda Tower, once a minaret of a mosque that now forms part of the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. And check out the Alcazar, which has been made (even more) famous by its appearance in the HBO series "Game of Thrones."

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    Visitors to Malaga will definitely want to put the Museo Picasso Malaga, a museum dedicated to the works of Pablo Picasso, on the itinerary. There are more than 200 of the prolific painter's works in its permanent collection, including paintings of his children and family. 

    If you're up for climbing its 200 steps, Malaga's cathedral provides panoramic views of the city and the coast. 

    La Termica is a Modernista building that has served as an orphanage, military hospital and is now a concert and exhibition center. Every first Sunday there's an antiques market here. 

    And if you're looking to get away from the city, Paseo de Malaga, a tree-lined park with exotic plants in its gardens provides a quiet respite.

    Malaga also serves as a great jumping off point for visitors who want to visit other nearby locales.

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    There is a great variety of things to do in Madrid, Spain's capital, during the month of April. The Festimad music festival holds nightly concerts for two weeks, featuring hip-hop, rock, and pop acts. 

    For a truly authentic experience, go to the Reina Sofia museum to view Picasso's massive painting Guernica. Check out the  Malasaña area of town for a taste of Madrid's nightlife. And for the best tapas in Spain, visit the 100-year-old  restaurant Casa Labra, where you can enjoy classic Spanish food and drink.

    If you're looking for an unusual religious experience, visit the Convento de las Descalzas, a former royal residence that's now a convent and a museum. One of the exhibits includes pieces of wood believed to be from Jesus' crucifix. 

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    April 23 is the date of the Sant Jordi Festival. Otherwise known as St George, he's also the patron saint of England, is also the patron saint of Catalonia (as well as a dozen other countries and regions in the world). This also happens to be the date that both Cervantes and Shakespeare died, which is also commemorated in Barcelona's Sant Jordi festival.

    Other events in April include the La Passio performance of the Passion of Christ in nearby Esparraguera, as well as the Salon del Comic and the Mostra de Cinema Llatinoamericà de Lleida in nearby Lleida.

    And a trip to Barcelona would not be complete without a visit to some of  Gaudi's signature buildings, including the Church of the Sacred Family.

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