Need a New Passport Photo? This Luxury Travel Brand Will Take One You'll Love

Luggage company Rimowa debuts a passport photo studio in NYC

Rimowa soho

Courtesy of Rimowa

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99 Prince St, New York, NY 10012, USA
Phone +1 970-452-9576

While Rimowa might be a luxury luggage brand by day, it's now moonlighting as a passport photographer—one whose sole purpose is to help you take a portrait that actually looks good. The German travel company has set up a photo studio inside its flagship in New York's SoHo neighborhood, and the entire experience is definitely on-brand for Rimowa. (Read: sophisticated and stylish.)

Visitors to the store will find a sci-fi-esque self-service photo booth in the back. Take a seat on the adjustable-height stool set beneath flattering lighting, follow the instructions on the touch screen (sorry, smiles still aren't allowed!), and take as many self-portraits as you need until you get the perfect shot. Once that happens, two passport-sized photos will be printed on the spot, while a digital version will be emailed to you. The best detail of all? The service is free of charge.

Rimowa soho store

Courtesy of Rimowa

While Rimowa intended the passport photo service to start when the boutique first opened last summer, the pandemic had other plans in store—since international travel was halted, the company pushed back its plans until now.

"For us, this new location is an exciting opportunity to continue growing the U.S. market and explore innovative ways to connect with our audience on different aspects and touchpoints of modern travel; particularly during this time of more limited mobility," Rimowa's chief marketing officer, Emelie De Vitis, said in a statement.

Now, as you dust off your passport in preparation for booking your first international trip in some time, be sure to check the expiration date! If it's time to renew, head to Rimowa, get your new photo, and submit all the paperwork ASAP. While the renewal process might be a hassle, at least getting your picture taken won't be!

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Need a New Passport Photo? This Luxury Travel Brand Will Take One You'll Love