Where to Find Travel Gear, Supplies and Accessories

These companies offer the best variety of innovative travel gear and accessories

Now that you have booked your trip to Machu Picchu, a dive vacation in Australia, or a hike in the White Mountains, its time to get geared up for the excursion. Visit the website for these companies for the best and most innovative selection of travel gear, supplies, and accessories that can comfortably get you through your next adventure, and many more to come. 

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REI Logo

An REI retail store or the company's website is definitely a "must visit" for any traveler heading to foreign lands or simply going on a camping trip just an hour from home. Here, you'll find everything from energy bars and brightly colored TSA locks, to tents and GPS watches. You'll also discover an array of apparel to keep you comfortable in all kinds of weather and climates, ranging from hot and steamy to near-arctic conditions. 

Become an REI member and you'll get early notices for sales and often a discount coupon, which can help you save big bucks on major items. The company even has its own line of clothing and gear that is often on par with the big outdoor brands but at lower prices. REI offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything that it sells, which helps minimize the risks too. 

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Ex Officio

ExOfficio Logo

 ExOfficio is a company that specializes in making clothing designed specifically with the needs of adventure travelers in mind. Their catalog includes all kind of shirts, pants, jackets, dresses, and other apparel that is functional enough to transition from trail to town and back again without missing a beat. And of course, the company's technical underwear is a staple in the travel community and is consistently among its best selling products. 

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Craghoppers Logo

Craghoppers is a British company has been making travel apparel for more than 50 years and during that time they have learned a thing or two about keeping us healthy and comfortable no matter where we go. So much so, that the company has even teamed with National Geographic to release a line of specially branded items that bear the logo of that venerable organization. Be sure to checkout their collection of Insect repellant clothing as well, as it could make a huge difference in how much you actually enjoy your trip. 

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Amazon.com logo

No list of online stores would be complete without including Amazon.com. The website has virtually everything a traveler could look for, including name-brand clothing, a wide array of luggage and bags, boots and shoes, and so much more. Of course, the company is also well known for its excellent prices, which makes it a one-stop shop when it comes to looking for everything you need for just about any kind of adventure. 

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Backcountry.com Logo

Another online outlet for outdoor adventurers, Backcountry.com offers an amazing selection of gear to meet all of your needs. Everything from tents, backpacks, boots, skis, mountain bikes, and much more can be found on the website, which regularly runs great sales. The site also has plenty of great apparel and equipment for adventure travelers too, with everything from rain gear to winter parkas available. If you're in need of speciality items for an active trip, chances are Backcountry has it. 

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The Travel Store

The Travel Store logo
The Travel Store

Looking for adapter plugs or voltage converters for countries around the globe? How about How about charging cables, luggage locks, passport wallets, or other items that can make travel easier and more convenient? The Travel Store has all kinds of small, simple, and useful items that you may not even know you need, making it a handy website to drop by before embarking on a big trip. 

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TravelSmith logo

When you're looking for stylish and extremely functional travel clothing visit Travelsmith. Whether it's quick-wash, never-iron shirts and pants for a visit to an African jungle, a little black dress you can toss in a suitcase, or a blazer for those restaurants that still insist on jackets, Travelsmith will probably have it. Do yourself a favor and put your name on the catalog list, because the late-season sales offer some of the best deals of the year. Who says you can't look fashionable while exploring the world? 

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Altrec.com logo

Magellan's has been a fantastic outlet for travel gear and supplies since before the Internet took over our lives. Now, it offers a fantastic selection of clothing, luggage, electronics, and accessories and competitive prices. Everything on the website has been curated with the traveler in mind, which means you better set aside some time to sift through its contents, because there is a lot to take in. And when you become a Magellan's VIP, you can reap the benefits with special sales and even better bargains. 

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