Where to Find the Best Windsurfing in the Caribbean

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    Windsurfing the Caribbean for Beginners and Experts

    (Photo © Jon Bunting/CC by 2.0)

    Windsurfing seems like an eternally youthful sport, but it's hardly new: it was invented by the Darby brothers in the 1920s in a most unlikely location: Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Now, 70 years later, windsurfing has found a happy home on the sunny shores of the Caribbean, as well as other seaside destinations around the world. 

    A combination of surfing and sailing, windsurfing incorporates the arts of riding the wave and riding the wind to create a watersports experience that both beginners and experts can feel just breezy about. 

    When you’re looking to start your windsurfing adventure, from lessons to the best places to ride, check out some of these Caribbean destinations: 


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    Silver Sands, Barbados

    Silver Sands Beach, Barbados
    © Berit Watkin/CC by 2.0

    Second maybe only to Hawaii, Barbados offers some of the top windsurfing beaches in the world. With high winds and even higher waves, the Silver Sands area of Barbados is a great locale for intermediate and expert windsurfers looking to challenge themselves and ride the tide. The best time to visit is between June and November, and different areas offer different riding conditions for everyone from beginners to experts. 

    For lessons while in Barbados, check out Brian Talma’s shop in Silver Sands for instruction at all levels, as well as board rentals and part replacements.

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    Cabarete Bay, Dominican Republic

    © Winniepix/CC by 2.0

    A popular destination for beginner windsurfers, Cabarete Bay in the Dominican Republic has been a go-to spot for the past two decades for those looking to take their first dip in the windsurfing world. A more mild experience awaits visitors in the summer when the bay is mellow and calm, while winter months bring cross-shore winds and occasionally double-mast height waves. 

    Looking to take lessons? Club Mistral, located near the Velero Beach Resort, offers lessons for beginning, intermediate, and expert skill sets, as well as refresher courses for old pros looking to get back into the water. 

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    Malmok Beach, Aruba
    (Photo © joskrum/CC by 2.0)

    The Happy Island is an especially popular destination for windsurfing as it is one of the windiest islands in the Caribbean -- known for its warm but fairly constant breeze. With lessons for all skills on Malmok Beach, Aruba is a friendly spot, sure to give everyone in the family the windsurfing experience they’re looking for. 

    For windsurfers and spectators alike, Aruba Hi-Winds, an Aruban windsurfing competition and one of the most famous sporting events in the Caribbean, takes place annually at The Fishermen’s Huts (between Malmok Beach and Palm Beach) with 20 categories for windsurfers of all ages and skill levels.

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    Oualie Beach, Nevis

    (Photo © Winniepix/CC by 2.0)

    For those looking to start their journey to windsurfing notoriety in calmer waters, Oualie Beach in Nevis is a great destination. A sheltered cove awaits the novice windsurfer with shallow depths and calm conditions, while the waters just outside the cove offer a slight chop for those wanting to test their new skills.

    For lessons and all-level instruction, check out Oualie Beach Resort, located seaside at Oualie Beach.

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    Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

    Lake Arenal Reservoir, Costa Rica
    (Photo © Christian Haugen/CC by 2.0)

    Labeled "Experts Only" by Forbes, Lake Arenal in Costa Rica offers one of the testiest locations in the world for windsurfers. The lake is situated between two mountains that funnel high winds that generate choppy waters and make windsurfing conditions just right for the practiced windsurfer looking to challenge themselves. During late-winter and early-spring, the winds average 25 miles per hour, leaving conditions chaotic and challenging. 

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    Lac Bay, Bonaire

    Windsurfing Sorobon Beach, Bonaire
    © Leonardo/CC by 2.0

    While Lac Bay in Bonaire offers a windsurfing spot for every skill level, it also offers one of the better expert-level locations with waves going over your head and wind pushing you every which way. On average, these waves roll in at around 10 feet, so windsurfing here is not for the faint of heart. For all skill levels, lessons are offered on Sorobon Beach at Jibe City

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