New York Celebrity Gossip

Where to Find the Latest Dirt on NYC Celebrities

New Yorkers love to gossip. With so many celebrities swarming around town, there's always something dishy to talk about. We know we should be spending our time on more worthwhile pursuits, but sometimes we just need a fix of juicy gossip.

Which celebs are hooking up and which are breaking up? Who has accidentally-on-purpose leaked a celebrity sex tape? Who's had bad plastic surgery and who's coming out of the closet? And what exactly are those Olsen twins up to now?

New York has plenty of celebrity web sites and gossip columns to keep us up-to-date on the dirt.

Read on for all that you've ever wanted to know (and more) about the New York City gossip scene.

Page Six
Page Six is the big kahuna of New York gossip. The New York Post's Richard Johnson and his team of intrepid gossip-mongers keep New Yorkers up-to-date on Lizzie Grubman, Paris Hilton, models behaving badly, and much more. The Post also has Liz Smith and Cindy Adams if you want publicist-approved old-school gossip. And you can check out celebrity photos to see who's looking good and who's a fashion disaster.

New York Daily News Daily Dish
Rush & Molloy and Gatecrasher Ben Widdicombe do their best to give their Page Six rivals a run for the money. They've got behind-the-scenes party scoop, blind items, and plenty of celebrity sightings.

Gawker is your source for Manhattan media news and gossip. It's gossip with a deliciously evil sense of humor. Warning: Gawker may be addictive. The Gawker Stalker section features celebrity sightings sent in by readers.

La Dolce Musto
The Village Voice's Michael Musto is NYC gossip royalty.

His long-standing column is a perennial source of New York dish. And his regular blind-item features are always deliciously intriguing.

Overheard in New York
Who says celebrities are the only New Yorkers worth eavesdropping on? Overheard in New York features hilarious snippets of conversations overheard in the streets of NYC. Listen in on the hilarious and hilariously stupid as they share their personal opinions on mustaches, laxatives, Michael Stipe's large cranium, and other fun topics.

Do you have a favorite gossip site you'd like to share with your fellow New Yorkers?

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