Where to Find Mother's Day Gifts in Vancouver, BC

Mother's Day Gifts & Gift Ideas in Vancouver, BC

Finding a special gift for Mother's Day is easy in Vancouver! Not only do we have fantastic options for "traditional" gifts--like gourmet candy, flowers or spa packages--we also have specialty stores that offer a chance for kids to make their own, unique gifts for Mom.

Use this Guide to Mother's Day Gifts in Vancouver, BC, to find the top places to shop for Mom, make gifts, gift ideas, and more.

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Go Sweet: Vancouver Boutique Chocolates & Gourmet Candy

mother's day gifts vancouver: artisan chocolates
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If Mom has a sweet tooth, one of the best Mother's Day gifts in Vancouver is a deluxe box of gourmet chocolates or sweets from one of the city's top boutique chocolatiers. Many of these shops use locally-sourced ingredients and make their chocolates by hand.

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Go Traditional: Mother's Day Flowers

mother's day in vancouver: flowers
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Yes, flowers for Mother's Day are a bit of a cliché, but that doesn't mean they won't work (or be very welcomed). Bouquets of fresh flowers can be pricey in Vancouver, which makes them a more extravagant indulgence than they may initially seem. They're also perfect last-minute gifts, that you can grab on the go.

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Spoil Her: Vancouver Spas & Massages

mother's day gifts vancouver: spa packages
Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver

One of the most luxurious Mother's Day gifts in Vancouver is a trip to one of the city's fabulous spas, many of which will offer special Mother's Day packages for spoiling Mom.

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Gifts for New Moms: Vancouver's Best Baby Stores

mother's day gifts vancouver: best stores for new moms
Photo by Dana Lynch

The best Mother's Day gifts in Vancouver for new moms can be found at Vancouver's Best Baby Stores, where you can pick up a few top-quality baby gifts, too.

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Have the Kids Make a Gift, Part I: The Easy Way (No Skills Required)

mother's day gifts vancouver: collage collage
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Not to be too cloying, but what could be a better Mother's Day gift than something the kids make themselves? (It's a great gift for grandmothers, too!) You don't have to be Martha Stewart to get your kids crafting for Mother's Day; just head to one of these specialty stores that help you make gifts in the store (no need to bring materials). For example, at Make, the kids can easily customize pillows, bags, and even cutting boards, adding their own personal, special messages for Mom.

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Have the Kids Make a Gift, Part II: DIY at Home

mother's day gifts: family crafts from About.com

If you're a crafty person, or if your kids are crafty on their own, you can always create your own gift at home. Use these other About.com Guides for ideas and guidance!

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