Where to Eat on Jury Duty in SF

••• Kassie Borreson

As if jury duty wasn’t painful enough on its own—San Francisco courts appear to be in the middle of a food desert. Or at least they were ten years ago. And even if you’re an old San Francisco curmudgeon, you’re benefitting from the tech companies sprinkled across Market Street. You may have to walk a little bit, but these are your ten best options around the Superior Court of California. 

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    ••• Rodney H. via Yelp

     Neighborhood: Tenderloin
    Distance from courthouse: 4 minute walk
    652 Polk St.
    Telephone: (415) 345-8100

    On weekends, this famous French brunch spot is absolutely mobbed. But middle of the day on weekdays—that’s the prime time to go and you a mere steps away. Indulge in chocolate beignets or cornmeal-fried shrimp or fried chicken with a housemade biscuit. Are you going to be uncomfortably full afterward? Probably. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep during proceedings later in the afternoon. 

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    ••• Joanna T. via Yelp

    Neighborhood: Hayes Valley
    Distance from the courthouse: 9 minute walk
    384 Hayes St.
    Telephone: (415) 626-1211

    Sometimes on your lunch break, lunch is not the only thing you need. Stretch your legs and a take a stroll down to Hayes Valley for delicious and simple grab-and-go sandwiches. Snag a ham and cheese baguette or snag a seat on the patio out back and order something a bit more indulgent, like the Indian spiced lamb burger or baked mac n’ cheese. Maybe snag a cookie too for your mid-afternoon pick-me-up. 

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    ••• Antonella D. via Yelp

    Neighborhood: Hayes Valley
    Distance from courthouse: 8 minute walk
    301 Hayes St.
    Telephone: (415) 624-3953

    Whether you’re looking for a healthy salad or a meatball sandwich, The Grove has got you. This simple order-at-the-counter place is cozy (there’s even a fireplace), delicious and full of options. Plus, if you’re craving a good scramble, they serve breakfast all day. 

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    ••• Jessica P. via Yelp

     Neighborhood: Civic Center
    Distance from courthouse: 7 minute walk
    1355 Market St.

    Tech companies strive to make it so that their employees never have to leave the building, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go in. On the first floor of the Twitter Building you’ll find The Market, basically the company’s own personal Whole Foods. Try something new at Azalina’s, which serves up Malaysian fare or go for your classic tacos at the Taco Bar, or if you want to just grab and go there is an entire market available. Premium coffee is also up for grabs at the Blue Bottle café. 

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    ••• Kassie Borreson

    Neighborhood: Hayes Valley
    Distance from courthouse: 9 minute walk
    517 Hayes St.
    Telephone: (415) 400-5458

    Yes, it’s roughly a ten minute walk one way so a good chunk of your break will just be getting there, but it is totally worth it for this modern souvlaki joint. You can’t go wrong with your order, but the chicken sandwich with mandarin oranges and feta cheese is always delicious. And don’t forget the fries—you will not regret the decision. 

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    ••• Courtesy of RT Rotisserie

    Neighborhood: Hayes Valley
    Distance from courthouse: 13 minute walk
    199 Gough St.
    Telephone: (415) 355-9085

    The distance might make it near impossible to get here on a thirty minute recess. But if you’ve got an hour, you’re golden. This little rotisserie is the off shoot of Rich Table, and you The go-to order is the porchetta sandwich with date mayo, mustard greens and fried onions. 

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    ••• Tiffany W. via Yelp

    Neighborhood: Tenderloin
    Distance from courthouse: 7 minute walk
    645 Larkin St.
    Telephone: (415) 409-3333

    If it’s pho you’re craving, head north to Turtle Tower. This Vietnamese restaurant does ten different styles of the noodle soup, including brisket, rare beef, chicken and chicken giblets (if you’re feeling adventurous). But be aware: the place is closed on Thursdays and there’s not a lot of other dining options around it so you’ll be up a lunch creek without a paddle if you’re not careful. 

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    ••• Gabriela K. via Yelp

     Neighborhood: Tenderloin
    Distance from courthouse: 11 minute walk
    925 Larkin St.
    Telephone: (415) 931-5263

    You can go for comfort or for health at this cozy little café. It’s got the basics—club sandwich, tuna melt, turkey cranberry—and plenty of options for the health nuts, including kale and lentil salad or the super super healthy salad (yes, that’s what it’s called) with dino kale, quinoa, beets and avocado dressing. 

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    ••• Derek S. via Yelp

     Neighborhood: Tenderloin
    Distance from courthouse: 8 minute walk
    730 Larkin St.
    Telephone: (415) 931-6917

    Sometimes, Thai food is the only thing that will satiate your lunchtime hunger. Enter Ler Ros, the award-winning thai restaurant a short walk from the courthouse. It’s sit-down table service, so make sure to let them know you’re on a timed break so you don’t worry about being late. Then order all the fried tofu, chicken satay and coconut curry your stomach can, well stomach.