Where to Buy Electronics in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong electronics may no longer be a steal, but they can still be a bargain if you know where to buy them locally.

The best locations to buy electronics in Hong Kong are generally independent retailers, but if you feel more comfortable with a retail chain then you should head to Fortress and Broadway instead of the private retailers listed below.

Remember, before you buy, be sure to check out tips for buying electronics in Hong Kong to avoid scams and rip-offs. Remember to ensure the quality of the product before you purchase as many of these smaller retailers will not offer refunds once you've left the property.

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Photography Equipment

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When it comes to finding quality photography equipment for bargain prices, there are two retailers in Hong Kong that shine on quality and price: Mongkok Computer Centre and Stanley Street.

The Mongkok Computer Centre is home to 70 retailers that offer everything from computers to cameras to music equipment and accessories. Located in the heart of Mongkok, MCC is easy to reach and provides some of the best deals on electronics in the city through its Membership Points Award Program.

Chung Pui Photo Supplies and Mirama Camera & Hi-Fi Company on Stanley Street in Central, Hong Kong are great places to pick up some cheap gear as well. There are also many other great shops in this area if you can't find a good deal at these two stores.

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Computer and Gaming Equipment

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Whether you're looking for hardware or software, video games, or hard drive expansions, Hong Kong has a number of great shops for computer gear including the Mongkok Computer Centre mentioned above. Basically, if you see the words "computer center," you're in the right place for some great deals on this type of electronic equipment and gear.

The Wan Chai Computer Centre above the Wan Chai MTR is a convenient stop in that region of the city or you can visit the 298 Computer Centre a little further out in Wan Chai. For software equipment and computer games, the best store around is the Golden Computer Arcade in Sham Shui Po.

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Cell Phones and Accessories

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While you can generally find a cheap throwaway (or burner) phone at any number of electronics stores in Hong Kong, the best deals on phones that won't fail you can be found in Mongkok at two locations: the Temple Street Night Market and the Mongkok Computer Centre. Remember that phones purchased in Hong Kong will not work in the United States—unless the manufacturer specifically states it is universally unlocked to work in the United States.

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Music Players and Equipment

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When it comes to music players, speakers, and equipment like auxiliary and power cords, you can generally rely on any of the computer centers around Hong Kong to meet your needs.

However, if you're looking for a shop that's specifically designed for music enthusiasts, you'll want to visit either Tom Lee Music or Parsons Music Limited. Not only do these two companies offer music equipment and gear, but both also hold classes and special concerts throughout the year.