Best Places to Buy Chocolate in Albuquerque

Albuquerque for Chocolate Lovers

Albuquerque knows its chocolate. There are places to get your chocolate fix in Albuquerque whether you're on the hunt for the gourmet experience or want a box of sturdy, crunchy chocolate coated pretzels. Take a bite of some for yourself, for family, for friends, for Easter, or for any other special or not so special occasion.

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    Buffet's Candy Store

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    7001 Lomas Boulevard NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87110
    (505) 265-7731
    Buffet's is an Albuquerque institution. From its large painted candy cane outside the store to the mouth watering handmade chocolates and confections found inside, Buffet's is a family owned business, founded over 50 years ago. Best known for their pinon candy creations, they offer a huge variety of Easter and specialty occasion candies as well.


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    424 San Felipe NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87104
    (505) 243-6239; toll free (800) 214-7731
    The Candy Lady has become synonymous with any visit to Albuquerque Old Town. It's simply the place to go to for over 20 varieties of fudge, the occasional chocolate pretzel, or the best tasting black licorice string. The old fashioned candy counter with the glass display case makes choosing a confection difficult. Try their southwestern flavors of green chile peanut brittle or chocolate pinon turtles. 

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    Choco Canyon Artisan Chocolates

    Choco Canyon sells truffles of many flavors, salted caramels, and southwestern specialty flavors such as raspberry red chile and red chile pinon. You'll find them at the downtown grower's market.

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    6902 4th Street NW #B
    Los Ranchos, NM 87107
    (505) 717-1025

    The Chocolate Art Gallery is a chocolate shop inside an art gallery. The hand blended confections include truffles in flavors such as red and green chile, espresso, and raisins. There are other delectables such as green chile crispy dreams, blissful brownies, and river of chocolate cake. The art gallery contains art from regional artists.

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    315 Juan Tabo NE, Ste. A
    Albuquerque, NM 87123
    (505) 797-1193
    The Chocolate Cartel's incredible hand crafted chocolates are created by the Van Rixel brothers. They use Xocoatl chocolate in their truffles, chocolate covered candies, bars and items. Quality is the operative word with their products, and the proof is in the taste.
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    3339 Central NE, Ste. E
    Albuquerque, NM 87106
    (505) 639-5502

    The Chocolate Dude in Nob Hill features truffles, nut clusters, peanut brittle, caramel, fudge, as well as sugar free chocolates. They also dip fruits such as strawberries and apples. Coffee is made on Italian brewing equipment with gourmet beans from Italy.

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    4431 Anaheim Avenue NE, Suite B
    Albuquerque, NM 87113
    (505) 750-4388
    Cocopotamus specializes in gourmet chocolates, with an emphasis on truffles. The chocolate is high quality, and a little less sweet. Flavors are short stops with tastes from Japan, Hawaii, Ireland, and more. Cocpotamus chocolates are free of corn syrup and preservatives.
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    Tim and Larry's Elixir Boutique Chocolates sells hand crafted truffles, brittles and toffees. Their gift boxes can be ordered online or a full line of their boxed chocolates can be found at the following locations:

    Keller's Farm Stores

    2912 Eubank NE(at Candelaria)

    6100 H Coors Blvd.(at Montano Plaza)

    Cinnamon, Sugar & Spice Café

    5809 Juan Tabo NE at The Shops at Mountain Run

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    The name Godiva has been linked with quality chocolates for over 75 years. Albuquerque is lucky enough to have its own Godiva outlet inside Coronado Mall.

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    7600 Jefferson NE, Suite 9
    Albuquerque, NM
    (505) 821-4832
    Hadley's sells tea, but it also has a glass candy case, filled with delicious truffles, chocolates, and a variety of petit fours. Try one with a freshly brewed cup of teas.
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    6855 4th Street NW (next to Vernon's Steakhouse)
    Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, 87107
    (505) 369-1561

    Joliesse is French for "grace" and that's what chocolatier Grace Lapsys meant when she named her business, the idea of beauty, loveliness and perfection. They can all be found in chocolate. Grace Lapsys is a master chocolatier, having studied at Ecole Chocolat in British Colombia and L'ecole du Grand Valrhona in France. Along with chocolates, the shop has a coffee lounge, and kids of any age can make chocolate. Thursday nights there are chocolate making workshops and kids can register for an hour of chocolate painting. Joliesse provides the traditional truffles and toffees in boxes to go, as well as chocolate wedding favors, wedding centerpieces, and corporate gifts.

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    Lauren's Hallmark

    6300 San Mateo NE, Suite H4
    Albuquerque, NM 87109
    (505) 821-6774


    Lauren’s Hallmark has cards and gifts, but also has a glass case filled with sweets that can be packaged and taken home.

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    Watch as confections are created in bright copper kettles, or while slabs of fudge are cut and cooled on marble tables. There are two locations, in Cottonwood Mall and Coronado Center.
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    See's offers candies that can be sampled and bought in town, or purchased over the internet. The place to go for Easter basket gifts, chocolate bunnies, nuts and chews, decorated eggs and other sweet treats. Or try the chocolate butter egg with pecans, oh my. Find See's in the Coronado Mall.

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    Senor Murphys has been making southwestern candies in Santa Fe for over 30 years. Its southwestern creations use plenty of pinon nuts, and red and green chiles. Try their fresh chocolates, fudges and candies from the store, or order online. Luckily for Albuquerque, there are three locations: one at Coronado Mall, one in Old Town, one at the Albuquerque Airport.

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    The Sweet Factory in Albuquerque's Coronado Mall has dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate by the bar or chocolate by the pound.
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    Teri's Sweet Garden

    120 Main Street
    Los Lunas, NM
    (505) 865-5834
    Teri's creates specialty candy products and creates custom orders.
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    12611 Montgomery NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87111
    (505) 293-6545
    Ah, Theobroma, where the strawberries are always covered in chocolate and the Easter bunny is a bite of heaven. Theobroma offers specialty flavors, truffles, and gift boxes for every taste and every occasion.


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