Where to Buy the Best Cowboy Boots in Austin

Boot Stores for Newcomers and Native Texans Alike

Allens Boots in Austin, TX
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Buying cowboy boots seems to be a popular pastime among Austin tourists, and we’re happy to help you support the local economy. Though most people buy boots for the iconic Texas look, you might be surprised by how comfortable they are—if they’re made right.

Allens Boots

It’s hard to miss the giant boot-shaped sign on South Congress Avenue that marks the entry to Allens Boots.The store offers a huge selection—a warehouse-sized showroom with multi-level, 8-foot-tall shelves.

Since 1977, ranchers and hipsters have flocked here to buy both practical and ornately decorated boots. The store also sells cowboy hats and belts. 1522 South Congress Avenue.

Heritage Boot

If you’re in the market for even fancier boots, just walk a few blocks to Heritage Boot. Business has boomed after a positive story in Forbes magazine in 2011. The store doesn’t sell online because the proprietors believe that the right fit can be only be determined in person. The handmade boots feature exquisite detailing and surprising comfort. 1200 South Congress Avenue.

Brazos Trading Co.

If you’re looking for used boots on a budget, head to Brazos Trading Co. But call ahead—Charlie’s hours are somewhat irregular. The store also sells used bikes, leather jackets, and miscellaneous vintage clothing. 6539 North Lamar Boulevard.

Texas Custom Boots

If you can’t find boots to suit your tastes at the other shops, why not order a custom-made pair?

This humble shop in south Austin caters to rock stars and ranch hands and everyone in between. The craftsmen who work here can also bring an old pair of boots back to life with new heels and insoles. They also make leather gun belts, wallets, belts and bracelets. Vintage boots are available too. 1601 South 1st Street.

Cavender’s Boot City

Sure, it’s a chain store, but Cavender’s offers an excellent boot selection, and the prices are a little more budget-friendly than at the hipper stores around Austin. The store also sells Western wear, including belts, pearl-snap shirts and cowboy hats. 4435 South Lamar Boulevard.

Room Service Vintage

A vintage store with everything from furniture to vinyl records, Room Service always has some very interesting books too. The prices are reasonable, and you may find yourself walking out with a lamp, dining table or antique glassware. Unlike many vintage stores, you don’t have to wade through a bunch of junk to find the good stuff. It’s all good stuff! But if you spot something you like, buy it—because it won’t be around for long. 107 East North Loop Boulevard.

Texas National Outfitters

Housed in an eye-catching historic building in south Austin, Texas National Outfitters focuses exclusively on boots made by humans, not machines. Most of the boots are actually made right there in the store. For other leather goods such as belts and custom guitar cases, the shop acquires items made by dozens of craftspeople around Austin and Houston. You may pay a little more here, but your boots will probably last a lifetime.

2336 South Congress Avenue.

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