Where is the Nobel Prize Awarded?

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The Nobel Prize (in Swedish it is called the "Nobelpriset") was introduced in 1901 after Alfred Nobel's request to establish such an award in his will in 1895. Where is the Nobel Prize Awarded?

In December, science's biggest annual event, always taking place at the town hall of Stockholm (Swedish: Stockholms Stadshuset), Sweden, awards Nobel Laureates the Nobel Prizes for each category. The address of the town hall is Ragnar Östbergs Plan 1, Stockholm.

The City Hall of Stockholm can only be visited with a guided tour since it is an active political office building. Tours are held daily in English and in Swedish. You'll visit the Blue Hall where the Nobel Banquet is held annually on December 10, and you'll also see the Golden Hall (the dance hall of the banquet) and the Council Chamber where the local parliament of Stockholm meets. Tickets are sold in the ticket office for same-day tours. You cannot book tours online, but you can check the website for time schedule and prices.

When is the Nobel Prize Awarded?

The awards ceremony takes place on the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death, which is December 10. Each year on December 10, travelers and locals alike will find the city of Stockholm is in Nobel Prize fever.

In the evening of that day, there is a prize ceremony and an elegant dinner banquet in the town hall's "Blue Hall" following it.

The dinner is named Nobel Banquet (in Swedish: Nobelfesten) and is a fine dining affair for senior officials and Nobel Prize recipients and their families, the Swedish Royal family, ministers of the Swedish government, and guests invited by the Nobel Foundation. The Nobel Prize ceremony and the Nobel Banquet is broadcasted live on Swedish television.

Who Gives Out the Nobel Prize?

The King of Sweden (Carl XVI Gustaf) presents the prizes in Stockholm to each winner in the different categories.

What are the Categories of the Nobel Prize?

There are various areas of scientific specialization in which this prize is awarded. The categories for the Nobel Prize awards are Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Peace, and Economics.

The only Nobel Prize that is not awarded at this annual event in Stockholm is the Nobel Peace Prize, which is awarded in Oslo, Norway.

Lectures by Nobel Laureates

The actual prize award ceremony of the Nobel Prize is not truly accessible to visitors, unfortunately, and getting tickets is nearly impossible. However, there is a much more easy way to be a part of the Nobel Prize each year. How? You can go see the nominees! Lectures by the Nobel Prize nominees (which are officially called the Laureates) take place the week before December 10 in Stockholm. You can attend most lectures; they are open to the public and admission is free. It's very hard to be able to attend the Nobel Prize Ceremony due to the number of specially invited guests and popular demand.

So, if you happen to be visiting Stockholm in the last month or two of the year, make sure to stop by the town hall to find out more about the Nobel Prize, and become a part of a historic event.

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