Best and Worst Times of Year to Visit Disneyland Resort

••• Paul Hiffmeyer/Walt Disney Parks

Looking for the ideal time to visit Disneyland? While there are several factors to consider, the first step is to figure out which ones are most important to you.

On a budget? Travel when Disneyland Resort hotel prices are at their lowest. Note that Disneyland ticket prices remain the same all year long.

Hate crowds? Plan your trip when the parks are less congested. The very best resource for predicting Disney park attendance is the Disneyland Crowd Calendar at

Unsurprisingly, crowds are generally higher during holiday periods, school breaks, summer vacation, and weekends.

Also, consider choosing your travel dates to coincide with, or avoid, popular special events at Disneyland, such as Mickey's Halloween Party or Holiday Time at Disneyland.

The following table offers a general overview of typical factors that may help you decide when is the best time for your family to visit Disneyland. As you can see, January-February and September-October are good bets—if your kids are not yet in school or if you're willing to pull them out of school. And remember, prices are generally lower midweek compared to weekends.

 Month Hotel Prices Crowds Avg. High Temperatures
 January low low 71
 February low - high (Winter Break) low - med 71
 March med - high (Spring Break) med 73
 April high (Easter) - med  high - med 76
 May med med 78
 June high (Summer) high 81
 July high (Summer) high 87
 August high (Summer) - low high - low 89
 September low  low 87
 October med  med 82
 November med - high (Thanksgiving) med - high 76
 December med - high (Christmas) high 70


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