Best and Worst Times to Visit Disney World

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Trying to figure out the perfect time to visit Disney World? The very best time to go is the sweet spot when prices are reasonable, crowds are manageable, and temperatures are tolerable. The stars align a few times a year when all three happen to be at their ideal at the same time. If you can't hit them all, then aim for two out of three.

The handy month-by-month chart below rates three key factors (hotel price, crowds and average daily temperature) and highlights which months are the best overall for visitors.


Best Time to Visit Disney World

We looked at a combination of factors that most visitors care about: hrice, crowds, and weather.

If saving money is your top priority, travel when Disney vacation prices are at their lowest and be aware that Disney recently introduced a surge pricing model for theme park tickets that follows its long-established practice for hotel room prices. What this means in a nutshell is that hotel prices and ticket prices are less expensive during slower periods.

In addition, we have put together money-saving strategies that help you visit Disney World on a dime. You can start by checking out these six cheapest places to stay at Disney World.

Thinner crowds
Hate waiting in long lines? Plan your trip when the parks are least crowded. If you can't avoid visiting during a peak season, learn strategies for dealing with huge crowds at Disney World.

It should come as no surprise that crowds tend to be bigger during school holidays, such as summer vacation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break.

Also, consider choosing your travel dates to coincide with, or avoid, popular special events at Disney World, such as the Epcot International Flower & Garden FestivalMickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, or Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

Mild weather
Florida is famous for its sunshine but many visitors are not prepared for the Florida heat and humidity.

 If that sounds like you, travel in the winter, when the climate is more moderate. If you're only able to travel during the warmest months, note that while hurricane season runs from June through October, the chance of a hurricane hitting Florida while you happen to be there is very slim.

The following table offers a general overview of typical factors that may help you decide when is the best time for your family to visit Disney World. As you can see, January and September are particularly ideal times to visit because both prices and crowds are lower than normal. January has the additional benefit of milder temperatures that average in the low 70s. These two months can be ideal if your kids are not yet in school or if you're willing to pull them out of school for a few days.

 Month Hotel Prices Crowds Avg. High Temperatures
 January low low 71
 February low - high (Winter Break) low - med 74
 March med - high (Spring Break) med 74
 April high (Easter) - med  high - med 83
 May med med 88
 June high (Summer) high 91 *most rainfall
 July high (Summer) high 92 *second highest rainfall
 August high (Summer) - low high - low 92 *third highest rainfall
 September low - med low 90
 October med low - med 85
 November low (except Veterans Day, Thanksgiving) med - high 79
 December med - high (Christmas) high 73

Note: September is a great month to visit Orlando in general, because hotel rates are at their lowest of the year, crowds have thinned, and there are hundreds of terrific deals on the table. 

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Regardless of when you visit, you will want to lock in ride times and dining experiences with the My Disney Experience tool, which has essentially replaced the old paper ticketing system by combining a powerful smartphone app with MagicBand bracelets. The app lets you program your attractions and dining experiences with FastPass+

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