Best Time of Year to Visit Denmark

Summer is the Best Time to See the Scandinavian Country

House at Baltic Sea beach, Rytsebaek, Mon island, Denmark
Roetting+Pollex / Getty Images

The best time to visit Denmark is early summer, especially during the month of June when the days are long, and relatively warm weather allows for plenty of outdoor activities. June offers pleasant temperatures without spring's wet weather in Denmark. All you'll need is a light jacket.

In case June isn't an option, July and August are good alternatives for your visit. Denmark still offers many outdoor activities and events during those months.

However, Denmark is usually packed with tourists during July and August, so you may have to fight the crowds. If you want to avoid the busy travel season altogether, May can be a good time to travel -- when the weather is still mild enough for outdoor activities.​

June Activities and Events

Start your visit to Denmark by celebrating the country's Independence Day on June 5. Independence Day in Denmark is also called Constitution Day because it commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the constitution of 1849 (making Denmark a constitutional monarchy) and the constitution of 1953. Alternatively, if you want to party, take part in a massive rave festival, called Distortion, held in early June each year in Copenhagen.

But, there are plenty of other activities in June. VisitDenmark notes that you can visit the Rubjerg Knude lighthouse at the northern tip of the country in Jutland. First turned on in December 1900, the lighthouse towers 75 feet above a rocky cliff that juts out into the North Sea.

You will need your light jacket -- it can get a bit windy at this point surrounded by water -- but the views are spectacular. Or, climb a mountain of sand -- the largest migrating dune in Northern Europe -- not far from Rubjerg Knude in Raabjerg, also in the northern tip of Denmark. Or, walk across a bridge -- towering 200 feet above the water -- at Lillebaelt, literally "Little Belt," about two hours drive east of Copenhagen.

Visiting in Spring or Summer

If you visit in May, July, August or September, you'll still find plenty of options to keep you busy. Any of those months can be a great time to hear the singing trees in Aalborg, located in north Jutland, about four hours by car from Copenhagen. Visitors can literally push a button on some of the trees and hear tunes by such musicians as Sting, Kenny Rogers, Rod Stewart, Elton John and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. And, what's a trip to Denmark -- where the Vikings used to live -- without a cruise on a Viking ship? You can board such a boat, sponsored by the Maritime Research Centre, right in Copenhagen.

These are just some of the many things you can do if you visit Denmark in June, late spring or later in the summer. Any of these times allow you to enjoy this country surrounded by water while staying warm enough to enjoy the sites.