How to Celebrate Valentine's Day

When It Falls, What to Do, and How to Plan

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day

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The Feast of Saint Valentine has been celebrated in the Catholic Church on February 14 since the Early Middle Ages, but today it's known commercially around the world simply as Valentine's Day. Couples traditionally purchase bouquets of flowers, dine out in restaurants, and head off to romantic getaways to celebrate together.

The holiday always falls on February 14 regardless of whether it's a weekend or weekday, so plan well in advance if you want to eat out or do something special on Valentine's Day. Many couples also choose to celebrate on the weekend before or after February 14, so restaurants and hotels are often busier than normal around these popular dates.

Taking a Romantic Trip

Some couples take advantage of a Valentine's Day Romance Package to stretch the occasion across a weekend. (These deals are very popular, so it's advisable to make hotel reservations well in advance to avoid missing out.) Others plan ahead and book a cruise so they'll be sailing during the romantic holiday.

When should you celebrate Valentine's Day in a year when it occurs midweek? That is entirely up to you. It's important to note that the President's Day holiday, just a few days after the romantic holiday, may interfere with romance if you choose to celebrate at a family-friendly resort. With kids out of school during the long weekend, you may find yourself amidst family travelers if you don't carefully choose accommodations.

Celebrate the Romance at Home

If you can't get away on February 14, there are still many ways to celebrate.

  • A few days before, write a love letter and mail it with a love stamp or slip it into a pocket where it will be discovered.
  • In the morning, start by marking the actual day with a kiss and a card (a word to the wise: Valentine's Day is no time to give a jokey card, so steer clear of those in the rack).
  • Did someone say breakfast in bed? If you can swing it, then back to bed!
  • Text your lover during the day with some sexy thoughts.
  • Bring home a bottle of champagne to pour and toast your love.
  • Forget the diet! This is a day for delicious chocolates.
  • Cook a romantic meal together (or have one delivered).
  • Present your sweetheart with a love coupon, good for travel (or another delight) at a later date.
  • Include a book of love poems with your gift and read them aloud.
  • Play games and get frisky instead of watching a screen.
  • Gift your evening a special soundtrack of classic no-fail sexy music CDs.

Reciprocity for Couples in Love

Remember, Valentine's Day is for both of you. So be kind and generous, reciprocate the affection you receive, and be thankful that you are loved. While there's nothing wrong with hinting about a gift that would make your heart soar, be prepared to be gracious about whatever your love chooses to bestow upon you, even if it's only a heartfelt message. 

Prepare Now for the Future

Valentine's Day always lands on February 14, meaning it can be a weekend or weekday. If you know in advance what day of the week it falls on, you can make plans early so you aren't scrambling to come up with a last-minute plan when nothing is available.

2021: Sunday
2022: Monday
2023: Tuesday
2024: Wednesday

Valentine's Day Roses

No gift says "I love you" on Valentine's Day like a bouquet of roses. But not all roses are created equal, and different colors signify different meanings. Traditional red roses unequivocally state, "I love you," and you can't go wrong gifting these to your partner on February 14. Yellow roses signify friendship and make a perfect gift for your platonic relationships. Pink roses show you love someone, but don't have the same romantic connotation as red roses, so give these to your mom, grandma, sister, or another special person in your life.

Of course, a bouquet isn't the only way to use roses on Valentine's Day. You can sprinkle rose petals over the bed as a romantic gesture, or even use the petals in cooking to add an amorous touch to your homemade dish.

Plan Ahead

Don't wait till the last minute to make your Valentine's Day plans. If you do, you run the risk of being closed out of the best romantic places to stay or having to settle for gifts more avid lovers have rejected. Show your love before the holiday by planning to make it extra special for the one you love.

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