Spring Break at Washington Colleges in 2019

Spring Break Washington
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Students, vacationers, and teachers alike look forward to spring break every year when the weather begins to warm up and classes let out after stressful midterm exams.

Whether you want to head to Washington for a relaxing vacation and want to check when the locals will be out in full force or you go to college in Washington and want to plan your vacation, you'll want to know spring break happens in the state.

In 2019, many of the colleges in universities in Washington will be celebrating their spring break in mid-March and early April, though some outliers have a break in late April. Be sure to check with the office of the registrar at each college to confirm dates as unexpected changes can occur.

Washington State Spring Break Dates 2019

For most Washington colleges and universities, classes will not be in session during the dates listed below, but school offices may still be open. Check the full academic calendar for each school for more information on closures and other school holidays.

What to Do in Washington for Spring Break

Now that you're aware of when Washington state colleges and universities let out for the spring holidays in 2019, it's time to plan your trip. This year's party destinations in and out of the state are sure to have some of the biggest events on record while budget destinations can help you avoid the high costs of spring travel while still having all the fun.

If you'd rather get out of Washington state for your spring break, there are plenty of popular spring break destinations in the United States like flying to Hawaii or taking a road trip to California—both of which are easily accessible from Washington. If you're traveling to a new city for the first time, make sure you plan ahead so that you ensure your safety during spring break.

On the other hand, the state of Washington also offers plenty of great activities, adventures, and events during spring break. You can spend 48 hours in Seattle, and though it might be a bit too chilly to go swimming, there are many beaches along the Pacific coast to enjoy on a warm spring day.

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