When is Spring Break in Oregon? Dates for 2018

Listing Spring Break Dates for Every College in Oregon

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Spring break is every student's favorite time of the year, and 2018 promises to be one of the best yet. 

Whether you want to head to Oregon for your spring break and want to check when the locals will be out in full force; avoid it like the plague because you're going to be visiting Oregon in the spring and want a restful vacation; or go to college in Oregon and want to find out your spring break dates, this article has you covered.

In 2018, the majority of Oregon colleges have spring break throughout the end of March, much like most other places in the United States. Popular dates revolve around the 25th March to the 2nd April, which is when most of the students will be out of class. Be sure to cross-reference with your college calendars as dates can and do change, but for the most part, these are correct. 

If you want to know when spring break 2018 takes place in Oregon, keep on reading.

Art Institute of Portland: 24th March - 1st April

Blue Mountain Community College: 30th March - 6th April

Central Oregon Community College: 25th March - 29th March

Chemeketa Community College: 24th March - 2nd April

Clackamas Community College: 26th March - 30th March

Clatsop Community College: 18th March - 28th March

Columbia Gorge Community College: 24th March - 31st March

Concordia University: 19th February - 25th February

Corban University: 26th March - 30th March

Eastern Oregon University: 24th March - 1st April

George Fox University: 26th March - 30th March

Gutenberg College: 21st March - 2nd April

Klamath Community College: 23rd March - 2nd April

Lane Community College: 25th March - 1st April

Lewis & Clark College: 24th March - 1st April

Linfield College: 26th March - 30th March

Linn-Benton Community College: 17th March - 27th March

Marylhurst University: 25th March - 2nd April

Mount Angel Seminary: 28th March - 8th April

Mount Hood Community College: 23rd March - 2nd April

Multnomah University: 30th March - 2nd April

National College of Natural Medicine: 2nd April - 7th April

New Hope Christian College: 26th March - 30th March

Northwest Christian University: 21st March - 28th March

Oregon Coast Community College: 26th March - 30th March

Oregon Institute of Technology: 23rd March - 2nd April

Oregon State University: 24th March - 1st April

Pacific Northwest College of Art: 24th March - 1st April

Pacific University: 26th March - 30th March

Pioneer Pacific College: 25th March - 2nd April

Portland Community College: 19th March - 25th March

Portland State University: 25th March - 1st April

Reed College: 10th March - 18th March

Rogue Community College: 25th March - 3rd April

Southern Oregon University: 25th March - 3rd April

Southwestern Oregon Community College: 25th March - 2nd April


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