Spring Break at Florida Colleges in 2018

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Florida's many beaches and world-famous attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios bring thousands of visitors to the state each March and April during spring break. Whether you're traveling to Florida on vacation or are attending one of the colleges or universities, knowing when spring break happens will help you plan your trip.

In 2018, the majority of Florida colleges have spring break in late February and early March, which is slightly earlier than most other colleges in the United States. Not only does this give Floridian college students the chance to experience fewer crowds at public beaches and theme parks, it only frees up those same destinations for when out-of-state college students visit later in the year.

Spring break is typically a one-week recess from colleges, universities, and public schools that take place from the end of classes on Friday evening to the first class on Monday morning of the following week, and while students do not have to attend classes on these days, some offices may still be open. 

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Florida Spring Break Dates 2018

Each year, colleges and universities release the academic calendar for each of their schools, and the 2017 to 2018 calendar is currently available at the office of the registrar for each institution. Although dates for spring break are released well in advance, they sometimes do change due to unexpected circumstances.

You can also check the academic calendar and office of the registrar at each college and university for up-to-date information on closures, other holidays, and hours of operation throughout the year.

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Things to Do for Spring Break

Along with California, Hawaii, and New York, Florida is one of the most popular states to party in for spring break, and that means there's no shortage of events, attractions, and activities to discover in the state this spring.

Although Florida colleges and universities often celebrate spring break a little earlier than colleges in other U.S states do, the weather's almost always pleasant in late February and early March. Theme parks like Disney's Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Universal Orlando and are open year-round but offer special spring break deals for Florida residents.

If you're a student and want to get out of the state, there are plenty of places to go domestically now that you know when your college is celebrating spring break in 2018. From the cheapest to the most popular spring break destinations,​ the U.S offers a wide variety of early spring fun, including the last of the winter sports' season in colder states like Colorado and northern New York.