When is Independence Day?

Fourth of July celebration at George Washington's Mount Vernon
••• Children enjoy a patriotic Fourth of July celebration at George Washington's Mount Vernon. Photo: Courtesy of Mount Vernon Ladies' Association

Question: Independence Day - Fourth of July is on What Day of the Week?


Independence Day in the United States, also known as the Fourth of July or simply July 4th, is a federal holiday. The holiday is always celebrated on July 4th, although when July 4th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the federal holiday day off is extended to Friday or Monday respectively.

In celebration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, Independence Day traditions include patriotic parades, concerts, outdoor picnics and other events, many culminating with spectacular fireworks.

Patriotic red, white and blue decorations and attire frequently add to the spirit of the holiday.

The first week of July is one of the most popular times of the year for vacations, as summer travelers make the most of the holiday with long weekends or extended vacation stays. Because the Fourth of July week is such a busy travel week, it is important to plan your trip and make all necessary reservations as much ahead of time as possible.

Independence Day (Fourth of July)
Year-by-Year Day of the Week:

  • 2016 - Monday, July 4
  • 2017 - Tuesday, July 4
  • 2018 - Wednesday, July 4
  • 2019 - Thursday, July 4
  • 2020 - Saturday, July 4
    (2020 Federal holiday observed July 3)
  • 2021 - Sunday, July 4
    (2021 Federal holiday observed July 5)
  • 2022 - Monday, July 4
  • 2023 - Tuesday, July 4
  • 2024 - Thursday, July 4
  • 2025 - Friday, July 4

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