What's Open Victoria Day in Canada

Find out what's open and what's closed on Victoria Day in Canada

Toronto's CN Tower, Toronto
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Basics of Victoria Day | Holidays in Canada

In 2017, Victoria Day falls on Monday, May 22.

Victoria Day is a nationally observed holiday in Canada, although it is called National Patriots Day in Quebec. The United States does not have the same holiday but Victoria Day always falls on the weekend before Memorial Day in the U.S.

Because Victoria Day is a federal  holiday, all federal organizations, like the post office and banks,  close down.


Victoria Day is not a statutory holiday in the eastern provinces of PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland / Labrador, where it may be only a holiday for government workers, such as bank and postal employees. For many people in PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland / Labrador, Victoria Day is business as usual.

In all cases, the best advice is to call ahead to confirm holiday hours.

Closed on Victoria Day

Basically, all federal organizations will be closed, even in provinces that don't observe the holiday. 

  • Schools
  • Government offices
  • Post offices
  • No mail delivery
  • Liquor and beer stores
  • Some grocery stores
  • Libraries
  • Banks

Open on Victoria Day

  • Major tourist destinations, such as the CN Tower, the Vancouver Aquarium, museums, etc.
  • Public transit runs on a holiday schedule
  • Some businesses and restaurants in designated tourist areas
  • Some convenience stores
  • Some garden centres stay open because the May long weekend is such a popular time to tend to gardens.