What's Good about Phoenix, Arizona?

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It isn't difficult to find fault with a big city. Crime, traffic, taxes — it's easy to be overwhelmed by negativity. From time to time various publications promote the best and worst cities in various categories. Sometimes Phoenix is the best, and sometimes it's the worst! People moving to the Valley of the Sun often comment about the unexpected benefits of the area. These are the most common positive comments about the area.

Ten Good Things About Phoenix

  1. The desert conjures up images of dust, brown and rocks. Yes, Phoenix has those, but there are also lawns, bushes, flowers, palm trees, leafy trees and also fountains everywhere. Colorful, beautiful flowers bloom all year long, as well as blossoming trees. Citrus trees grow well here.
  2. Grocery stores sell much more than just grocery stores. All sell liquor, in addition to beer and wine. Some sell clothing, furniture, appliances and household goods. Big box stores like Walmart and membership clubs like Costco and Sam's Club sell groceries, electronics, have pharmacies and other services.
  3. Most parts of town are very clean.
  4. Highways are well-maintained, with wide lanes in good condition.
  5. People leave soft furniture outside on their patios. Doesn't it get mildewed or moldy? No, it doesn't.
  6. When it gets up to 115 degrees everything (including the people) doesn't shrivel up and die. The great majority of homes and buildings have central air conditioning.
  7. The area is experiencing drought, but there are no state-mandated water restrictions here at this time. The area is also not prone to natural disasters.
  8. Professional sports! Baseball, football, hockey, soccer, arena football, women's basketball — all the major sports have teams here. Big sporting events, like Spring Training, NASCAR, PGA and LPGA golf tournaments, NCAA, etc. are commonly held here because of great facilities and great fans.
  9. Outdoor activities are available all year long. Arizona is a great place to unplug and get away from the phone and TV.
  10. Phoenix is really easy to get around from. You can drive to Mexico, Las Vegas, and California in a reasonable time. Just a few hours away are the mountains and forests of northern Arizona, if you want to see fall foliage, snow, or mountains. There are lots of short flights from the airport, and the airport is very easy to navigate.
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