What was Elvis Presley's Middle Name?

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Question: What was Elvis Presley's Middle Name?

Answer: When Elvis was born, his parents chose "Aron" as his middle name. Some believe this spelling was to mimic the spelling of his stillborn identical twin brother's middle name, Garon; some believe that Vernon Presley simply made a mistake in spelling "Aaron" in an attempt to name his son after a Tupelo-based family friend Aaron Kennedy. 

However, when his birth certificate was recorded with the state, his middle name was mistakenly spelled "Aaron," unbeknownst to the Presley family. When Elvis was older, he wished to change "Aron" to "Aaron", but discovered that this change to a more traditional and Biblical spelling of "Aaron" with two As had been made.

Which is correct, then, Aron or Aaron? Most fans of the King would want to go along with his wishes and what is on the official birth certificate as well as his gravesite, and therefore would use the latter. 

To further cement the Aaron spelling as the correct spelling of Elvis Presley's middle name, the official Elvis.com website uses that version of the name in their official biography. 

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