What Should You Wear in Las Vegas?

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Figuring out what to wear in Las Vegas is easy. Don't be too concerned with getting too dressed up if you don't plan on hitting a nightclub. If you are having a good meal but not a fancy meal your typical clothing is going to work. That means nice jeans or slacks work for just about anything. A coat is not necessary unless you are eating at a very expensive and pretentious restaurant. There are very few that fall into that category. Woman can wear just about anything and be okay in Las Vegas. It is a double standard but walk around Las Vegas and you'll see what I mean.

If you have a little black dress that should fit almost any scenario.

Question: What should you wear in Las Vegas?

How You Should Pack For Your Las Vegas Vacation

When you start planning that trip there are always little things you might need to know so I have tried to put them together in an easy to find way. The information should help you with some of the questions you have about Las Vegas.

Answer: What should you wear in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a very casual place, with that you can dress as comfortable as you want. Most restaurants do not have dress codes, however, if you are planning on a nice dinner at one of the more upscale restaurants you could be required to have a coat. Your best bet for clothing is simple:

In Summer you will need shorts, comfortable skirts, T-shirts. Jeans and trousers are not frowned upon but denim in 105 degree heat can be uncomfortable. If you are planning on seeing a show it might be wise to clean up a little and business casual is normally adequate. On more thing, remember, no matter the temperature outside the casino temperature will be somewhere around 68 degrees, it can get a little cool.

If you decide to walk make sure you wear sunscreen. If you sit by the pool, wear sunscreen. If you think about the sun, wear sunscreen! I might be exaggerating but the last thing you need is to burn that top layer of epidermis and be stuck in your room while on holiday. Protect yourself from the Southern Nevada sun with a simple layer of SPF 30 and you will be fine.

Do not forget the skin care products, the Southern Nevada sun can be brutal.

In Winter it gets cold and you will find yourself comforted with a heavy jacket at times. Unfortunately, the casino will be a constant temperature so you will have to shed some layers while sitting at that blackjack table.

In fall and Spring you will generally be comfortable with the summer attire and a few pairs of trousers or jeans. The temperatures get comfortable and the climate is pleasant.

What to wear at Las Vegas Nightclubs? - Dress codes do exist in Las Vegas nightclubs and you'll have to be fashionable dressed. However, you'll notice that women can pretty much dress however they want while men need to look good. Some nightclubs do not allow denim, baggy pants, caps or jerseys. It's best to check with the specific nightclub to see what their dress code policy is.

What to wear at a Las Vegas pool: Does this seem like an odd tip. You'll need to cover up if you have decided to wear a swimsuit that is very revealing. If you are at an adult pool there will not be a problem but in the general pools you might be asked to cover up if their is an appearance of nudity. It's Las Vegas but there are some rules when it comes to how much skin you can show.

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