Actions That Will Get You Kicked Off a Plane

Oh behave

I’m of an age when travel used to be much more civilized.  We dressed up, airlines served meals and it was actually a special occasion to board a jet. But these days planes are full, passengers are packed into seats like sardines, flight attendants are overworked and civility goes out the window. These days, travelers can be thrown off a plane for the slightest infraction. Below are some things you should definitely NOT do if you want to get from point A to point B.

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    Drinking too much

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    I could write a blog filled with stories of celebrities (yes you, Kate Moss and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and ) and common folks who were kicked off for drinking too much, leading to bad behavior. And depending on how drunk you are and how badly you behave, you may be met by police when you arrive at the gate.

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    Abusing flight attendants

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    Travelers who make the mistake of verbally or physically assaulting flight attendants -- who are there primarily for your safety -- is a sure ticket off your flight, and possibly in a jail cell. Assault is an act that will get you removed from your flight and possibly land you in jail, as supermodel Naomi Campbell knows all too well.

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    Trying to smoke

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    Despite all the flight attendant warnings and the smoke detectors in the lavatories, there are still some travelers (yes, you, Liam Gallagher) who just can’t survive without that nicotine puff. So wait until you land and hope that your airport has a smoking lounge before trying to light up in the air.


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    Ignoring flight attendant instructions

    It’s against the law to interfere with a flight attendant’s instructions, and even the most innocent comment could have you on the wrong side of the law. Celebrities like Alec Baldwin (Words with Friends), rapper Soulja Boy (refusing to sit down when he was told) and Josh Duhamel (refusing to shut off his cell phone) know this first hand.



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    Wearing the wrong clothing

    Although you won’t see travelers dressing up to board a flight like they did in the golden age of travel, airlines won’t let you wear just anything. If you’re wearing an offensive t-shirt, have on baggy/saggy pants (like Green Day frontman Billie Armstrong) or skimpy clothing, you may find yourself sitting at the airport gate.


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    You stink!

    To quote Mr. Spock of "Star Trek:" the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few -- or the one especially if that one has bad body odor. Airlines will kick off passengers who smell so bad that their fellow travelers will complain about it.

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    (Un) Social Media

    If you have something bad to say about an airline or your experience on it, you may want to wait to post your opinion until after your flight. Travelers at the airport and even boarding a plane have been booted for tweets or Facebook posts that were negative about the carrier they were flying.


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    Your screaming child

    As the mother of a child who has been flying since she was 10 days old, I have been blessed to have a traveling companion that behaves better than many adults. But not everyone has that luxury. If my tips for how to travel well with children don't work, it is highly likely that you and your child could be removed from your flight.

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    You don’t look so good

    If you’re really sick, it may not be a good idea to fly (trust me-I know this first hand). And if a gate agent or flight attendant think you’re too sick to fly, they can and will remove you from a flight.


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    Being overweight


    I wrote a post about how U.S. airlines handle overweight passengers, but there are many who don’t know a carrier’s policy could find themselves sitting at the gate. And if you don’t know those rules -- and your flight happens to be full -- you may end up on another flight, and you may even have to pay for a second seat.


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