What Is The Las Vegas Strip?

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Question: What Is The Las Vegas Strip?

Quite often I get the question from first time Las Vegas visitors: Is the Las Vegas strip different from Las Vegas? I also get what is the Las Vegas strip? So let me clarify it for you.

Answer: The simplest answer would be that Las Vegas is a city and the Las Vegas strip is where most of the major hotels are located as well as the major attractions that you typically read about.

That is the simple answer.

A more complicated answer would be that Las Vegas is home to Downtown Las Vegas and a tiny piece of the Las Vegas strip, (Las Vegas Blvd.) that most people associate with a Las Vegas vacation. Most of the iconic hotels and tourist attractions found on Las Vegas Blvd, also known as the Las Vegas strip are actually in an area of town that is unincorporated and named Paradise. So you really spend most of your time in Paradise. (Makes you want to have another drink)

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Don't worry about the name, the Las Vegas strip is essentially the strip of Las Vegas Blvd. that runs from the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the south all the way to the Stratosphere Hotel on the North. That encompasses all the hotels that you would typically be familiar with except for those in Downtown Las Vegas and those would be on Fremont Street.

All hotels that I mention will have an address and it will either be on Las Vegas Blvd or on Fremont Street.

There are some exceptions such as The Rio, The Palms, Trump Hotel and the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino(Westgate). However, they are essentially walking distance to the Las Vegas strip, so they are included as strip hotels.

Now that you are completely confused about the Las Vegas trip just remember that if you get into a taxi and ask to be taken to the Las Vegas strip the cab driver will ask you to be more specific since the total distance on Las Vegas Blvd is about 4 miles from North to South.

In my opinion the center of the Las Vegas strip is about Flamingo Rd. where the intersection includes Caesars Palace, Bellagio Hotel, Bally's and the Flamingo Hotel. From this intersection, you can walk to the Eiffel Tower, to the Gondolas at the Venetian and to an erupting Volcano. You can also see a giant Pyramid, the Stratosphere Tower and a lake with dancing fountains.

Take a look at a few more choices for hotels on the Las Vegas strip.

Don't miss the LINQ, The Park and The Fountains at Bellagio while you are on the Las Vegas strip.

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