What is Couples Season? Find Out Here

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••• Why are these people smiling? See any children around? Exactly.

Couples season is that blissful time of year when adult couples can freely travel without fear of encountering throngs of family vacationers accompanied by their children of varying ages and temperaments.

Even couples who have kids will honestly admit that a vacation with children is barely a vacation.

"There are two kinds of travel: first class and with children." — Robert Benchley

When is Couples Season?

Couples season takes place when school-age children are back behind a desk, not at resorts where sensualists want to stretch out free of immature eyes upon them.

Although some parents of pre-school children vacation at this time, there are fewer of them during couples season than when the school-age crew arrives.

On the calendar, couples season begins right after Labor Day and ends before Thanksgiving. Additionally, the month of May — following spring break but before school graduations and summer vacations commence — is also considered a safe time for couples who don't want to spend their vacation avoiding or interacting with other people's children.

Some resorts, such as the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea, while not banning children, celebrate couples season with special pricing and incentives.

Important note: Valentine's Day does not fall within couples season! Although Valentine's Day purports to be for lovers, in the United States it frequently coincides with President's Day, the occasion for a long weekend when family travelers also hit the road.

 Should you wish to take advantage of a romantic Valentine's getaway package, inquire with the hotel in advance as to whether it is will also be catering to families at that time.

What If You Can't Travel During Couples Season?

Not every couple can get away in the fall or late spring. For them, defensive travel planning is a must.

The safest choice in accommodations is an adults-only all-inclusive. At these resorts, only guests ages 18 and over are allowed.

The second best option is to choose a resort with a couples-only area. Although only a few have the capacity to segregate childfree couples from those with spawn in tow, many enlightened properties now offer a separate pool for adults only. These are referred to as serenity pools, tranquility pools and pools-unsullied-by-diaper-gravy pools.

Should a child attempt to enter such a pool (or an entitled parent decides the rules don't apply to his or her precious), inform the management and politely request that they take action.