What a Drinking Good Time? Try a Trailer Crawl

Love pub crawls? You'll love trailer crawls, too!

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Pawel Tocznsk/Getty Images

Everyone loves a big festive party. You may have heard of block parties, where the whole block of a neighborhood opens their doors and folks can just venture from house to house for fun. Or maybe you enjoyed pub crawls in college, where you bounced from bar to bar trying new drinks and meeting new people. This may seem like one thing you may need to leave behind when choosing a life on the road but you don’t really have to.

If neighborhoods have block parties and college towns have pub crawls than  RV parks and grounds have trailer crawls. Let’s look into trailer crawls including what they consist of, what you can expect as well as some trailer crawl ideas. 

What is a Trailer Crawl?

A trailer crawl is a way for  RVers to get to know each other at their RV parks or a way for an RV rally to really let loose. RVers open the doors to their trailers, motorhomes or any other type of RV to let RV neighbors in and serve them drinks, mixers, snacks and whatever else they decide to serve. The idea is to hit every RV, trying new drinks, chatting with RV neighbors and to generally have a good time. It should be noted that alcohol usually plays a big part in a trailer crawl, just like a pub crawl.


Who Organizes Trailer Crawls?

Trailer crawls are most likely to occur during an event where a group of RVers may already know each other or be acquaintances at the least. This may occur during RV rallies, ​RV community trips or may even be organized by the RV parks themselves. Of course, knowing each other beforehand makes a trailer crawl easier to organize and plan as you’ll already have a basic idea of who and how many people will be participating. It also helps when the group knows each other well as to avoid letting a guest overindulge and make sure the crawl doesn’t get out of control.


Ideas for Trailer Crawls 

The main thing to be accomplished in a trailer crawl is for people to have fun. The more festive or fresh the idea, the more likely people are going to want to stop by your trailer to have a good time. Themes are very popular at trailer crawls, one RV could serve Manhattans as part of a New York City theme, or you could serve seasonal beer at a “four seasons” stop. The ideas are virtually limitless and are only contained by your imagination. 

Most crawls are also in some type of rotation, like a pub crawl. This may be ten minutes per stop or an hour if you only have a few trailers. You want to get people to every stop so think about the size of your group and how the timing will work out. 

Things to Know Before Starting a Crawl 

Obviously, you first need to check if a crawl will be permitted at the park or grounds you plan to host the crawl at. Some RV parks have rules about alcohol, open containers and quiet hours and you need to make sure you follow these rules (nobody likes a bad RV park neighbor!)

Before you start up preparations for the event try finding the proper RV park or other venue. Be upfront about your intentions and how many people may be participating less you find security called on you mid-crawl. Also remember that the focus of a crawl is to have a good time and try something new, not to get blackout drunk and fall into a campfire. 

Trailer crawls are becoming more popular as RVing itself is becoming more popular. Try talking to your favorite RV or social club to see if you can get a crawl going yourself!