What is a Romance Package?

Check in with a Romance Package

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A romance package consists of special romantic amenities added by a hotel or resort to enhance a couple's stay.

If you've ever dreamed of checking into a hotel and finding a chilled bottle of wine, two glasses, and a bouquet of fresh roses waiting for you, you're a good prospect for a romance package.

Couples traveling on a honeymoon or arriving to celebrate an anniversary are typical romance package consumers. It's not uncommon for friends or family to arrange a romance package for them ahead of time as a gift (and sometimes as a surprise).

It's also not unusual, when planning a seduction, for one partner or the other to order a romance package in advance.

What Does a Romance Package Consist of?
A romance package can be as simple as a bottle of sparkling wine you receive at check-in or as elaborate as a menu of delights that includes side-by-side massages, limo transportation, and a candlelight dinner for two served in a scenic, private spot.

While every property decides individually what to include in a romance package, these are among the typical amenities offered that set the stage for love:

  • Room or suite with a view and upgrade when available
  • A chilled bottle of wine or champagne with proper glasses
  • Fresh flowers in the room
  • Chocolate assortment or chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Aromatherapy bath for one (or two, if the bathtub is big enough)
  • Candelight dinner for two
  • Bed covered in rose petals at turndown
  • Breakfast in bed for two
  • Late check-out

Finer hotels also pride themselves on being willing (for a cost) to create an original, customized romance package. Sometimes this is part of a stay that includes a marriage proposal. A concierge or manager can work with a potential guest to create a scenario that culminates in the presentation of a diamond engagement ring and, one hopes, an enthusiastic "Yes!"

What Does a Romance Package Cost?
It depends. Sometimes a hotel or resort attaches an extra fee to an overnight rate to cover the elements of a romance package; other times their cost is bundled into a higher price for the accommodations.

Can You Create Your Own Romance Package?
If you'd like to pick-and-choose amenities from a standard hotel package, contact the hotel directly to make your requests. For instance, a teetotaling couple can ask to have sparkling cider or another beverage substituted for the alcoholic vintages.

You can also make a stay more romantic without involving the hotel. These are some of the ways to personalize one:

  • Bring a card or a small gift to leave on the pillow
  • Up the ante: make it a poem or love letter that you've written
  • Cover the lampshades with scarves
  • Light a subtly scented travel candle
  • Pack K-Y products to delight both of you
  • Bring a CD or iPod with your favorite music for lovers on it.

Who Else Can Help?
Did you know that at some hotels and resorts that cater to couples there is an individual who can take charge and make romantic fantasies that go beyond standard romance packages come true? Sometimes he or she holds the title of Romance Concierge or Director of Romance. In this capacity, the staffer can arrange anything from a gourmet picnic (including transportation) to a banner flying overhead to a sand castle on the beach that looks just like your dream house.

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