Masseria - What is a Masseria?

masseria marzalossa, masseria photo
••• Masseria Marzalossa Garden View. © 2010 by Martha Bakerjian


A masseria is a fortified farm house or country house on a country estate found in the region of Puglia. Masseria lodging ranges from rustic to luxurious and most are set in working farms producing olive oil, wine, or produce. You'll usually find them in countryside settings, often very scenic. The masseria is typically fortified, originally against attacks by Turks or pirates, and dates from the 16th to 19th centuries.

A masseria is either bed and breakfast or self-catering and usually has a swimming pool, garden, and other ammenities. Some masserie (plural of masseria) have a restaurant serving typical dishes of Puglia and a few have cooking classes for guests.

Many masserie are found near the coast between Bari and Brindisi in what's sometimes referred to as the masseria coast, a good location to visit beaches, the trulli of Alberbello and other scenic towns, and the large archeological site of Egnazia. Others are located on the Salento Peninsula, a good location for beaches, seaside towns of Gallipoli and Otranto, and the Baroque city of Lecce. See our Puglia map.

I have stayed in three masserie and eaten at or visited several others. Here's a selection of Masseria Lodging in Puglia.

Pronunciation: mas ser I uh

Also Known As: country house, farm stay