Relaxing on the Beach With Bali Beds

An outdoors Bali-style bed.
  Colin Anderson / Getty Images

A Bali bed is an outdoor daybed for two on a platform with a mattress. It can be as simple as a double chaise or as elaborate as a richly upholstered pleasure dome on a beach with a natural wooden frame around it. Curtains, which can be drawn for privacy, surround the bed. Unlike a palapa, a Bali bed offers little or no protection from the overhead sun.

The name Bali bed originally comes from the wood culled in Bali and Java to make the beds. Today these beds are made from a variety of natural materials, including bamboo.

Where Can You Find Bali Beds?

Beach resorts throughout the world that cater to couples may offer a Bali bed on the beach, where you can sunbathe during the day and even sleep under the stars at night. Depending on the resort, there may be a fee to reserve and hold a Bali bed, or its use may be included in the rate.

To enrich the experience, waiter or butler service is sometimes offered, along with cool towels. Other amenities may include a massage for two while you laze on the bed together.

At sunset and after dark, a Bali bed can be transformed into a magical place when it's surrounded by lanterns. Should your resort offer delivery of a gourmet picnic dinner, savor it slowly and sensually as you enjoy the night air and your private bliss.

Why Opt for a Resort that Boasts it has Bali Beds?

Not every romantic couple enjoys lying on hot sand or risking emery board-like irritation of their private parts after fooling around on the ground. For privacy, some couples prefer Bali beds with curtains that can close or be left open and tied to the posts. Either way, a Bali bed elevates sun lovers' experiences in nature.

When is a Bali Bed Not Worth It?

A resort that's more focused on revenue management (i.e. extracting the most dollars from every stay) is likely to crowd together with a group of Bali beds rather than spacing them far enough apart so that couples can feel they're alone. While clustered Bali beds confer a certain status over simple loungers, they don't deliver the delights of secluded ones.

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