How to Turn A Bath into a Spa Treatment

spa bath
••• Just a few extras can turn a bath into a therapeutic treatment. Getty Images: Tetra Images

Spa baths have been part of the spa experience throughout history. They still are today, with expensive hydrotherapy treatments, mineral springs spas, and elaborate whirlpool baths in resort spa locker rooms. But you can have a spa bath in your own bathroom, just by adding a few ingredients, props and a little drama.

It's best to have your spa bath at a time where you won't have demands on you afterward.

Right before going to bed is perfect. Play some relaxing spa music. Light a tea candle in a glass container, away from any fabrics. Bring in something pretty, like a shell or a flower.  Roll up a towel to support your neck.

Epsom Salts and Essential Oils

Run your bath and add a cup of Epsom salts, which are inexpensive and relieve aching muscles. At the last moment, as you get in, add a few drops of a high-quality essential oil to work on both mind and body. Lavender relaxes (great before bedtime) and grapefruit revives (if you want to be awake afterward).

There are also algae-based marine bath products that don't smell quite as wonderful but are good for detoxification. These are best used after a home body scrub because they penetrate more easily. You could exfoliate one night, and then use the marine product the next night.

Do The Body Scrub After the Bath

Relax and soak for twenty minutes, then drain the tub.

Now is the best time to give yourself a body scrub with your own home-made recipe, one you buy, or a Korean-style hand mitt or even a rolled up washcloth. Your skin will be softened up by now and you can get more skin off. Rinse in the shower to make sure you've gotten off all the scrub and dead skin.

Dry off, put a nice moisturizer on your body, wrap yourself in a cozy spa robe, and blow the candles out.  Relax afterward. You can go straight to bed, take a nap, have ​cup of tea, read, or just sit and rest and look at something pretty, like a view out your window.  Enjoy the feeling of being in your body, and being alive.