Greenwich Village / West Village Neighborhood Guide

Manhattan's Greenwich Village offers visitors an escape from the skyscrapers

A quaint street scene in the charming Greenwich Village area of New York City.
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Greenwich Village (also referred to as the West Village and simply, the Village) is my favorite place to get lost on a Saturday afternoon. Escaping from the formal grid structure that dominates north of 14th Street, wandering the streets of Greenwich Village makes me feel as though I've escaped from New York into some small European city. Many streets are lined with shops, and while the Gap and Virgin Records can still be found, there are still many independently owned stores and restaurants to discover.

When you've had enough of Manhattan's tall buildings and bustling crowds, Greenwich Village offers a great respite with its calmer, more manageable feel, and the area's shorter buildings allow more sunshine to reach the streets. There are many secret courtyards and small gardens nestled between townhouses on the neighborhood's residential blocks. From Dylan Thomas who infamously drank himself to death at the White Horse Tavern to Bob Dylan who refers to Greenwich Village in many songs, the neighborhood is well known for being home to many artists, writers and musicians. Greenwich Village was the theater for many Beat writers such Allen Ginsberg, Jack Keruouac, and William Burroughs.

Although there are lots of great tours of the neighborhood, be sure to allow yourself time to wander and get "lost" here. Don't worry -- the "Maps" app on your phone (or a friendly local) will help you find your way again when you're ready to return to the real world.

Greenwich Village / West Village Map

Greenwich Village / West Village Subways:

  • A, C, E and B, D, F, V
    - West 4th Street
  • 1
    - Christopher Street/Sheriden Square
    - Houston Street

Greenwich Village / West Village Neighborhood Boundaries

  • between 14th Street and West Houston
  • from Hudson River to Broadway

Greenwich Village / West Village Architecture

  • Breaks from the uptown grid structure with smaller streets that run at a variety of angles.
  • Small winding streets, smaller buildings, and unique townhouses give Greenwich Village a European feel.

Greenwich Village Restaurants

  • Jane
  • John's Pizzeria
  • Magnolia Bakery
  • Mary's Fish Camp
  • One If By Land, Two If By Sea
  • Otto Enoteca
  • Po
  • The Spotted Pig

Greenwich Village Music Venues & Bars

  • Bitter End
  • Blue Note
  • Employees Only
  • Le Poisson Rouge
  • Smalls Jazz Club
  • Stonewall Inn
  • Village Vanguard

Greenwich Village / West Village Attractions

Greenwich Village / West Village Tours

Greenwich Village / West Village Shopping

  • Bleecker Street
  • Bleecker Bob's Records
  • Murray's Cheese Shop
  • Matt Umanov Guitars