West Howard Antiques & Design District - Kensington, MD

Shopping for Antique Furniture, Accessories and Restoration Services

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West Howard Avenue is an antiques and interior design district, located in historic Kensington, just north of Washington, DC. With more than 100,000 square feet of warehouses of antiques from around the world, West Howard offers an extensive selection of high quality furniture, accessories and decorative accents for your home.

West Howard is an antique haven for professional designers and is less known to the general public. The businesses are privately owned and offer customized friendly service. Each warehouse, gallery, or artisan studio specializes in a specific time period or region. Items are directly imported from England, the European Continent and Asia.

Please note that the businesses along West Howard Avenue do not have the curb appeal of traditional furniture retailers. The street was once mostly car repair shops. However, this is a great place to find unique high quality furniture and accessories in a relaxed warehouse setting. Construction of a sidewalk has been planned and will be completed in the near future.

Warehouses, Galleries and Showrooms

Amicus Green Building Center
4080A Howard Avenue (301) 571-8590. Resource for green building materials, expert consulting available.

Chesapeake Framing Co., Inc.
10507 Metropolitan Ave. (301) 942-0485. Custom framing.

Gonzales/Paris-Kensington Antiques
4130 Howard Avenue. (301) 564-5940. European antiques, lighting and Asian objets d'art.

La Belle Epoque Anticues
4088-A Howard Avenue. (301) 530-1183. French antique furniture and accessories from the 18th century through the Art Deco period.

Marco Polo's Treasures
4263 Howard Avenue (301) 530-3420. Antique and reproduction furnishings and accessories from the Far East, including China , Indonesia , Thailand , India , Burma and more.

Onslow Square Antiques
4125 – 4131 Howard Avenue. (301) 530-9393. Antique English and Continental furniture and accessories, country and formal European garden furnishings, architectural antiques and stained glass.

Osiris Books & Furnishings
4233-E Howard Avenue. (301) 530-7399. Used books and antique and vintage furnishings for the home library.

Sparrows Inc.
4115 Howard Avenue. (301) 530-0175. French antique furniture, lighting, and artwork from the late 18th century thru Art Deco.

The Great British Pine Mine
4144 Howard Avenue. (301) 493-2565. Antique pine and country furniture from Great Britain and Europe.

Design Resources and Featured Artisans

Ayler's Restoration
4234A Howard Avenue, Ken Carpenter (301) 897-9324. Restoration of fine antique furniture.

Heritage Restorations
4233-F (B) Howard Avenue. (301) 493-4458. Restoration of antique furniture and accessories.

Milton Chandeliers
4130-B (C) Howard Avenue. (301) 530-3388.Chandelier restoration and cleaning.

Wimsatt & Associates Art Conservation
4230 (D) Howard Avenue. (301) 493-4250. Restoration of paintings, antique frames, murals and related art objects.

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