Wells Park Neighborhood in Albuquerque

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Albuquerque's Wells Park is a neighborhood with deep roots, and its leaders have worked hard to bring it back from the brink of being a crime-ridden area. Now its community center has had a facelift, a number of its derelict buildings have been razed, and a new flow of artists and homeowners have put down roots and call it home. The area is a hub for homeless centers, such as Health Care for the Homeless. It also has the newly emerging art warehouses south of I-40, with nationally known programs such as the Sunday Chatter. This is a neighborhood poised for an ascent.

Location and Public Transit

Wells Park neighborhood is bounded by I-40 on the north, the railroad tracks on the east, 12th Street to the west, and Mountain Road to the south.

Hook up with the bus line by using Route 36, which can be accessed on Lomas Boulevard or 12th Street.

Real Estate

Wells Park has seen a resurgence of interest in the past five years. When housing prices went up, the small, modest homes found in this neighborhood became attractive to buyers of modest means, who have come in and renovated, changing the face of the neighborhood. A renaissance of sorts has begun, with infill housing on the upswing. Its close proximity to Old Town and its museums, downtown, which has many amenities, makes Wells Park attractive as a place to live. The area draws artists and non-traditionalists and is close to the Harwood Art Center.


The well known and much written about (New Mexico magazine, Sunset magazine) New Mexico Tea Company is located at 12th and Mountain, offering loose teas, as well as a Tea Bar. Kyle Zimmerman Photography is right next door. And you simply cannot call yourself a "local" until you've eaten the biscochitos at Golden Crown Panaderia, and chatted with owner Pratt Morales. The bakery carries heavenly bread, pizza, and bread sculptures. They also have coffee drinks.
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Don't miss the Carnuel Parade in September, which brings together the people and pride of Wells Park and Sawmill neighborhoods as well as the Harwood Art Center. It is a neighborhood event of fun connections, music, art and everything in between. The neighborhood has an arts center with art studios and many, many events, in the Harwood Art Center.

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